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Question: are there any natural ways to stabilize the hormones that create adult acne?

Asked by isabellewahanda

18 answers

I continue to have adult acne around the mouth and chin area and topical treatments do help but don't seem to prevent the breakout. I don't want to take harsh medications which have been the only successful course so far. Would love to find a natural remedy that sorts this out.

Naturopathy, Nutritional Advice & Treatments, Acne Treatments, Homeopathy

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Sudden breakouts around the mouth are typically caused by a hormonal imbalance. This is because hormones play a role in the skin's production of oil. When the hormones produce excess oil, acne can develop. Women in particular can suffer quite badly from hormonal acne because they are susceptible to many hormonal changes. Things like the monthly cycle, contraception and pregnancy can all disrupt the delicate balance of hormones.

When a woman's progesterone levels spike the oil glands are over stimulated, causing them to produce excess oil. This is turn can lead to breakouts. Unfortunately for women hormonal break outs can be quite obvious because they frequently appear as papules on the skins surface. Papules are solid raised pimples which do not contain pus; therefore no amount of squeezing will reduce them. The good news, however is that hormonal acne isn't usually widespread across the face. Hormonal acne typically only occurs on the lower half of the face especially around the chin, mouth and jaw line.

Hormonal acne affects women of all ages. During a woman's normal cycle progesterone levels increase after ovulation which is why many women get break outs the week or so before their period. During the first few months of pregnancy progesterone levels also increase causing many expecting mothers to suffer from acne. This tends to subside after the first trimester. Many progesterone based contraceptives like the Depo Provera injection cause people to break out and even menopause can sometimes trigger acne.

If your hormonal acne is accompanied by other symptoms of a hormonal imbalance like; increased hair growth, an irregular menstrual cycle, or carrying weight around your stomach instead of the hip area then you should definitely consult a doctor. A doctor can request a blood test to see what is going on with your hormone levels and look into possible underlying conditions.

If you only suffer from the occasional hormonal breakout before your period there are a few things you can do at home. Firstly clean your face with an antibacterial cleanser. Then hold a piece of ice to the spot for around a minute. This should help reduce the redness and swelling. It is then a good idea to gently apply a few drops of lavender essential oil to the spot. Lavender possesses antibacterial and healing properties and helps reduce redness and inflammation. If you would then like to try and conceal the spot make sure you use a natural mineral concealer which won't clog the pores.

Hormonal acne usually clears up quickly when you get your hormones in balance.

Herbs that can help balance female hormones are AGNUS CASTUS
Agnus Castus (also known as Vitex, Vitex agnus-castus, Chaste Tree, Chasteberry, and Monk’s Pepper) is native to the Mediterranean region and to central Asia. It is a deciduous bush or small tree belonging to the vervain family (verbenaceae). The dried fruit have a pepper like flavour and aroma and have been used for 2,500 years in many aspects of maintaining a healthy female reproductive system. The use of Agnus Castus in female health was recorded by Hippocrates (460-377 BC) who is known as the father of modern medicine and his name is still honoured today in the Hippocratic oath taken by doctors.

Agnus Castus can help control acne in women as it inhibits the action of male androgens (sex hormones) which can worsen acne.
Agnus Castus acts on the pituitary gland where one of its effects is to stimulate the production of the luteinising hormone. The luteinising hormone is involved in the development of a small gland in the ovary called the corpus luteum where progesterone is made.

Medical Advice should be sought before taking Agnus Castus if you are hormone replacement therapy (HRT) the oral contraceptives and/or diabetic medication. Its not recommended for use during pregnancy or lactation.
If you take this for three months it can help rebalanced your hormones, you can buy it from a variety of places, the natural health practise has a great range of herbs made especially for women see
or im sure you could find it in most health food shops.

As well as taking this herb a diet that you balance your blood sugar can also be helpful,
Small and frequent meals such as
Breakfast- Scrambled egg on toast
Snack- Apple and walnuts
Lunch- feta and roast butternut squash salad
Snack- oat cake and hummus
Dinner- chicken stir-fry

Hope this is helpful and if you would like anymore help or a personalised eating plan, please contact us at

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We have so many clients that come to us with this issue, from late 20's to mid 40's. I myself after rarely having a spot in my teenage years, broke out with a severe case of adult acne on turning 30- the joys! This has influenced the direction my salon has gone in hugely as I really wanted to give clients lasting results, not just quick fix treatments. The majority of our treatments are organic and as natural as possible and I myself now only use beauty products (including shampoo, body wash and lotions, toothpaste, all facial products and makeup) which are SLS, soap, Paraben etc free. The most effecive thing I ever did was change my facial products (cleanser, toner, moisturiser, polish, all makeup, only Organic facials). All are PHTHALATE free (one of the many HORMONE DISRUPTING chemicals used in many products). Be prepared to give this a good chance though-the body needs to rid itself of all of the chemicals and toxins 'mainstream' products contain, and hormone levels settle. It has taken me a year but I now see stunning results (I now get breakouts on my chin only, about 2 spots at a time and always linked to my monthly cycle). I had also gone down the medication route which had cleared it up for a time, but for lasting results, this is the only thing that has worked for me and many clients follow suit. Good luck!
PS I'm here to help, not sell, but if you'd like to know any of the producst that i've found useful for myself and my clients, i'd be happy to list some for you.

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Yes, I would love to know what products you use! I am currently using Epionce products on my face, Pureology on my hair and an organic baby cream on my body. I eat well, all organic for the most part, and am even vegetarian. I've done body cleanses thinking I was toxic and thought it would help the breakouts. It didn't, only made me feel better everywhere else. SO FRUSTRATING!!!


Assuming that your adult onset acne is caused by a hormonal imbalance it is never just because of excess production but also inadequate detoxification. A wholistic approach is more likely to be sucessful and will include nutritional support for hormonal balance as well as detoxification. Hormones are detoxified by the liver through the bowel so both those functions need to be optimised. Generally acne on the chin and mouth is more reflective of congestion in in GI tract and colon than hormonal imbalance which would lead more to acne on the outside of the chin and cheeks area. It is also important to consider the health of the skin and underling lymphatics.
For Naturopathic nutritional advices and residentila/non-residential personalised detox programmes see



I work with Environ Skin care products, and the Advanced nutrition Programme which both work in harmony with each other. For my clients who have problematic i.e. Acne, Oily congested skins it is usually suggested that they supplement their diets with up to 35mg of Zinc per day . I have found that Clients who have done this have noticed a significant difference with their oil production being normalised and a reduction in spots.

As far as getting Acne under control, I have several clients who are on the Environ skin care and have regular facials. We have achieved significant results in controlling and reducing the Acne breakouts. This is due to the low levels of Active Vitamin A which helps normalise the sebaceous gland activity. Environ skin care is a step programme where the levels of Vitamin A are gradually increased to get more and more long term correction of the skin.


Homeopathic personalized treatment will be helpful for acne.



I would definitely recommend Acupuncture for this - while harsh medicines may treat the acne, they obviously don't get to the source of the problem. Around the chin and mouth area that you have described is linked to the ovaries, therefore by addressing any imbalances here, the acne problems are likely to sort themselves out. It may take a few treatments so you will have to be patient but I truly believe this is the best and most effective method. Good luck!


Hi Isabelle,

By consulting either with your GP and or a Herbal Practitioner, and identifying why your hormones need stabilising via blood tests can be crucial. Sugar can play a part in increasing a hormone called androgen. Acne can be precipitated by androgens, present in both men and women. If you can then be referred to a Nutritionist to aid you with your diet.

Wishing you Good Health!


Try toxic cleansing. Your local homeopathic health food/vitamin store should offer an array of various ways to do a toxic cleansing. Work on flushing the 'adult' body of all the toxins that have and continue to accumulate over the years.


If the harsh medications you have been prescribed have included antibiotics, I suspect your acne may have a fungal source, so treating this with anti fungals in conjunction with avoiding foods containing yeast (including wine, beer & lager) will make a big difference for you.

I hope this helps.


I think it would be useful for you to have a kinesiology treatment to see exactly what will help you detoxify your body and what may have caused the acne in the first place. If you are in the UK go to for a list of Practitioners. Good luck.


If I were you I would start with detoxification too. I would reccomend you look carefully at your diet to begin with. A diet which provides your body with all of the essensial micro & macro nutritients, low in fat & sugar, high in fibre. It's also important to ensure that your body is hydrated properly too. Drink 2-2.5 litres of water a day & avoid fizzy drinks. If you normally drink tea or coffee, try a natural alternative like Herbalife's Thermojectics Tea. It's full of herbs & botanicals which help to cleanse & detox your digestive system. Alternatively try adding Aloe Juice to your water. Tastes lovely & refreshing & it's so healthy for you.
For more information about a nutrition based programme for detoxification, visit



The best solution I have found so far is to use a natural plant derived hormonal balancing cream, applied transdermally. I have seen hormone driven acne problems resolve quite quickly using it. Contact me for the details - - if you want to. It's good stuff!

CarlJamesInspiringFitness Hi have a look at these people in Oz, my friend is a naturopath in South Australia

and I know she has had some good results from helping patients with nutrition. So these guys may be of help.


Your skin is a reflection of the nutrients you have been consuming or more importantly not consuming. Clean eating, protein, carbs, fibre, fats and knowing what is on your plate and of course plenty of water. I used to have antibiotics on a monthly basis for a similar complaint. Not needed them now for a very long time since using Herbalife.
I now market these products and offer help for those unsure about what they can eat and why....
07958 306797
0161 660 9838



Chin area tends to be hormonal so an area to investigate. Good diet as the answer below is a good road to travel. Probably goes without saying, that try not to touch and externally irritate the area too much, keep the area cleansed and well moisturised.


Liver cleansing is essential. If the liver is congested it will have problems breaking down excess estrogen and hormones in the body. Acne around the chin area does indeed suggest a hormonal imbalance.
Milk thistle, supplementing with probiotics (50 billion ), omega 3 fish oils will help.
Also remember to eat as clean as possible.
Acupuncture is also very effective to assist in the detoxification of the liver.

Sources: Monita Triplett registered Acupuncturist,Holistic nutritionist, Vancouver, BC


Acne can one of the most stubborn of all skin conditions to deal with. Acne can be the result of bacterial infections and genetic issues which make it very hard to treat. While some acne breakouts can involve clogged pores on the surface of the skin, there will be instances where the clogs are deep within the skin.



First of all, the hormone needs to be balance because imbalance hormone regulates oil productions. You can decrease the chances of getting pimples/acne by using a scrub 2 times a week to remove all the dirts that clogged your pores. A non-harsh and free of parabens cleanser is suggested. To fix your hormone imbalance, it's best to start with a healthy diet. Avoid soy products and milk as those two contains high hormones ingredients.


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