I am a therapist in South Africa - which brand of hair removal wax would you recommend.

I have just trained in wax hair removal and would like your views on which is the best hot wax product for me to use for my clients. I understand that the quality of hot wax used can make a huge difference to the comfort of the client and the effectiveness of the treatment. I am intending to do mainly leg and face waxes. I am restricted to what is available in South Africa. Thank you very much.
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Unfortunately I'm not aware of the product available to your area, but I know the brands that are the most popular in the U.S.
Take a look at this website:
I'm most familiar with Nufree & Deplive and I love both. However, I'd rate Nufree better overall; it's approved antimicrobial-heats to the temperature of the skin, so it's great for those with sensitivity- adheres to the hair better than any wax I've worked with (if used properly).
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Perron Rigot-wouldn't swap it for the world-the best wax i've ever used and it keeps the customers coming back!!
My prefer hot was is Gigi, but thats just me. You may want or need to try a few before finally choosing the one you like to work with.
Good luck
Hive or Clean 'n' Easy for wax which is done either with the spatula or the roller sytem or Babyliss Satin Smooth for hot wax are the best ones.
I use Perron Rigot Hot Wax for intimate areas, and use Cherry & Jasmin Salon Services wax for legs. Do you mean eyebrow, chin & upper lip waxing for face or are you waxing the whole of a Mans face? If so hot wax would be better on a Mans face. What brands of wax do they stock in South Africa?
There are a number of hot wax systems on the market now but the most popular has to be lycon.
I haven't trained in the system but i have tried samples and had waxing done using it and found it very effective and painless but it is also more expensive!!
I use the satin smooth coconut hot wax which is fantastic!
If you are looking at concentrating on face and legs would you not be better using a warm wax system?
Hope this helps