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I would assume the mini Brazilian Blow dry would be referring to the new "Express Blow Out" by Keratin Complex. This treatment costs generally 1/3 the price ( avg. starting at $99) and lasts about 1/3 the time as the original Keratin Complex about 4-6 weeks vs. 3-4 months. It's an amazing service and can be done in 1hr and you can wash your hair the next day (8hrs) no 3 day waiting time. Hope this helps, if you are in the Saint Louis area, I offer both these treatments at Salon Papillon (314) 966-8813.
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A Brazilian Blowdry will eliminate frizz, strengthen and add shine to your hair while also allowing you to style with curls or gentle waves.
I don’t do Brazilian Blow dry keratin treatment; I only do deep conditioning treatment using different types of conditioners or masque depending on the condition of your hair. If your hair is dry and damaged I will use the appropriate deep conditioner or masque. For example Absolut repair or intense repair by L’Oreal that will help your hair by repairing the hairs restoring shine and softness. Intense repair is nutrition for dry hair, deep nourishment to hair where it needs it most and smoothes dry hair.
This is how I use these hair treatments: first I shampoo with the appropriate shampoo then apply the masque followed by a massage allowing the masque to saturate all the hairs then placing a plastic cap on under the hood dryer for a few minutes.
Your hair will be left soft, supple and easy to style with a fantastic shine.
I also do scalp treatment using power clear treatment and other scalp treatment that I have not mentioned, the power clear treatment is a great way to calm any irritation and discomfort associated with flaky scalps. This is not just a dandruff-specific treatment but also as a `detox `for hair and scalp that you will be able to use from home.
This how I used power clear scalp treatment: after the hair is shampooed and towel dried I apply the power clear to the entire scalp spreading it with the finger tips. There is no rinsing as this is a leave in treatment.
I hope this answers your questions.
If you have more question please do ask,
Perhaps you are refering to the INOAR MARROQUINO treatment Blow Dry..Hair can be washed in an hour and tyed up straight away...instead of 3 days of waiting...or the New Blow Out treatment made famous lately by Celebrities?? please see link?
It doesn't exist such a thing, just one salon "created" this to sell a temporary anti frizz treatment claiming that is a mini Brazilian Blow dry.
Good that you asked it coz people who do not have enough experience, uses the name of a really good treatment to sell more. I bet when you go for the appointment to do the treatment, you going to have it done by an assistant or a stylist qualified under 2 years.
The reason why I get offended is because I do this treatment for abt 7 years and I've trained several times to do it.
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