Can IPL work on a man with a thick beard?

I have sensitive skin and would like to shave daily however my thick facial hair makes this difficult. Is there a treatment available for men to have IPL or similar that would either remove the hair or help reduce the thickness. is this a common problem you see from men?
Asked by werewolf

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It's actually easier to remove thicker hair as thick hair absorb more energy from laser beam.
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Yes definitely we have alot of men have their beard done to thin it out and also have their back done,
It works really well and the thicker and darker the hair the better
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As Traceybell says, seek professional advice. We are not taught to do heads or beards as this hair is a totally different type of hair. Good luck in your search.
Hello Werewolf and thanks for your question. Thicker hair is more difficult to treat with a laser - its best for you to visit a reputable laser clinic like ours, that is regulated by the Care Quality Commission to be assessed by a practitioner. That will enable them to do a full assessment of the area and recommend the correct treatment for your area of concern. Please see our section on Hair Removal for more information or our YouTube channel to see the treatment in action. Thanks!