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Question: Where can you buy ORGANIC argan (Moroccan) oil?

Asked by PaolaEnergya

9 answers

I have just bought some argan oil but when I checked the ingredients I have noticed it has some chemicals; can you suggest a supplier of organic Moroccan oil please?

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hi there if you check out the website below you will find lots of products all organic containg argan oil, hope that helps x


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Thank you for your fast reply, much appreciated.

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Hi there, You must check out
Honestly it's 100% natural!! Great for your Skin, hair, nails etc Everyone I know uses this brand. :)


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Good website, I wonder how the producers manage to keep prices lower than the Moroccan Oil brand which contains chemicals


I used Argan oil from and I was very pleased with the quality of there oil, 100%. I bought some Argan oil for the same price in Paris and in Casablanca. I believe that is a fair price. Moroccan Oil is blend with chemicals and cost more!!! Moroccan Oil is more expensive because there advertisement cost!!! Linda


Hi, I find Baldwin's products very reliable. They sell organic cold pressed argan oil.
They have a nice shop in London. :)


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We are a Women Cooperative Producing and exporting Argan Oil in Bulk and other Organic Products.
All our Products are Eco-certified Organic.

Please check



Hi, you can buy argan oil (organic) and buy rhassoul clay (also organic) from the website below. Excellent value for money on organic skin care. Cheers.



Hi try shop-morocco, they sell 100% pure Moroccan Argan products. Cooperative produced in Morocco.



You can try selo skin, they based in London


I buy Tree of Argan, they are reasonably priced and amazing quality!



Hi there,
We Argan Tefrewt sell 100% raw organic and also grade A Argan oil, I will be happy to assist you, we have other products
like prickly pear seed oil and do on.
Please contact us on 07752702355
Check out our fb page and also read post by others who used our products
Thank you
Sanae Bakkali

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