What is the best in coulouring for staunch grey hair

I have brunnette with healthy hair growth. So my greys grow just as fast. I colour my hair every 3 weeks; ie touch the re-growth and sometimes the greys are really staunch and require two applications. Is there any other solution?
Asked by Mulund

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longer developing time is one thing and the other thing you can mix the colour different.
You would have in the pack the colour and a developer. If you do not mix all the developer into the colour (only 3/4 of it) you get a higher concentration of the pigment and that means a higher coverage.
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Hi Mulund, I am no expert in this as I'm not a hairdresser but I have a similar problem to yours and I colour my hair at home, so far I got good results with Schwartzkopft's £2 hair dye that you can buy at the supermarket, it gives me good grey coverage and doesn't fade.
All of the advice give in the previous response plus my additional advice would be is that maybe it's time to start visiting a salon. When your buying off the shelf you are relying on what been pre mixed for you, when you visit the salon the colorist will be able to create the correct formula to target your greys along with using a gentler product and formula to refresh your lengths and ends.It's also very hard when you are applying product yourself to successfully isolate the lengths and ends from the regrowth area, the lengths and ends end up getting darker as the applications build and the regrowth area appears to get covered less and less as it's had less color appied to it. I only use and recommend Redken professional products, they have a fab new color range called cover fusion which gives youthfull results and amazing 100% coverage on White/grey hair, it leaves the hair feeling softer and younger when you've finished,it also has the added advantage of being lower in ammonia thus gentler on the hair and scalp. Hope this helps regards michelle heaven 4 hair