Hair is falling out! What to do, what helps to make them strong?

My hair is falling out, I am loosing a lot of hair evry day. I am afraid that I might loose more and more and will not grow again. I started loosing them for the past 2 yrs but past 1yr is terible. I am 29, no children.
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Alopecia...And Stress are the common causes when it is not hormone related due to menapause or pregnancey. Have you been on any medication in the last 3 years.....Dieting and crash dieting is also a common factor. Have you been to see a Tricologist or your doctor??
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It sounds like some imbalance in your body could be causing the hair loss. Reiki can be very helpful to restore balance in our being. One of the nicest things about Reiki is that one can learn it quickly and easily at a reasonable cost and enable oneself to give Reiki healing to ourselves. Reiki is usually very relaxing. This helps minimise stress and cope better with what is going on in our lives.
My advice would be to try a Reiki treatment. If you like it, find it beneficial, please learn Reiki yourself. This will empower you to enhance your wellbeing without having to rely on others or worrying about having the cause diagnosed exactly.
I have been doing Reiki since 2001 and have expereinced huge benefits over the years. So much so that I still feel that it is one of the best things that I have ever learnt.
hi there, there are treatments out there but you will need to find a specialist. wella hair products have shampoos and treatments that can help strengthen your hair but really if you feel it is a bad case of hair loss you must consult your GP x hope i have been of help x lindsay
There may be a few reasons. Some of which may be: low iron and low thyroid function. Have you been under a lot of stress recently and for the last few years? Stress can deplete nutrients- i.e vits and minerals that are needed for strong hair. Worth finding out what the underlying balance is. If it is iron deficiency this can be rectified via the diet and a good supplement.
Hope this helps :-)
Women usually go through hormone changes so it's probably nothing to worry about however you might want to try aromatherapy... Rosemary and Lavender are the perfect mix to help prevent hair fall. Check out or email me at
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