Will a Foot Massage help with cramps in arches and toes?

I have tried reflexology, which helped for a while but can get expensive. Will a foot massage have the same effects?
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Hello. Without knowing why you suffer from foot cramps it is hard to answer but a lower leg and foot massage would no doubt help relieve the symptoms. This would improve the circulation to the feet. Aromatherapy Essential oils would also help such as Chamomile Roman, Black Pepper, Geranium.........This could also be a dietary vitamin and mineral deficiency, particulary magnesium, potassium and calcium. Hope this helps you.


Hi, thanks for your answer. I have quite bad circulation in my feet and hands, which I'm presuming is why I'm getting bad cramps - usually when I'm sat not doing anything, very rarely when walking about. I will try out the essential oils, thank you for the suggestion!
Excellent point about a possible mineral deficiency, generally speaking it is one of the major causes of muscular cramps.
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yes probably...but why not get the opinion of a podiatrist too ?
Reflexology is just specialized foot massage and pricing probably wouldn't differ to much.
Yes I believe a leg, foot massage would help as it speeds up circulation, I use to get bad foot cramp when I use to roller skate that is the only time I ever got it, do you get it when doing certain activities? look for when it happens, to establish a cause.
Hope you get it resolved, all the very best Mya Hamilton.
Foot Massage will not help alone. Full Leg both sides, deep will will cure; Neuro-Muscular. Next time in Spain Call me.
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reflexology is more focussed on pressing hte reflexes in the foot to correspond to somewhere else in the body. Foot massage will jusy help to relax the foot and lower leg area
It may help and would certainly be a lovely treatment. However whether the results would last really depends on your lifestyle. You may need to drink more water (probably..!) may need mineral supplements etc. I am a kinesiologist and would strongly suggest that you find the cause of your cramps rather than just try to "dampen the effect", which as you say, can get expensive. (A good foot massage such as the one I provide will cost the same as a reflexology treatment)
You can find kinesiologists on http://www.systematic-kinesiology.co.uk and if you are in Sussex, I'd love to see you (and can do an Ayurvedic Foot Massage too.....)
yes I would think so. You ned to have your legs treated as well. Be careful tho. Cramps can be a symptom of other underlying conditions such as diabetes and low sodium issues. Could just be postural tho. Good luck
Yes I think that foot and lower leg massages would help with cramps in the arches and toes of the feet. It would move the blood and the salts from the muscles to areas if better absorption, Sometime lymph can build up in the feet too and massage would move this to the lymph nodes at the top of the legs for re absorption. Hope this helps.


Thanks for your advice JuneElaine :)