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Question: My NHS physio suggested foot massage to improve mobility in my left leg/foot. Can anyone help?

Asked by Lynn-A 3 years ago

22 answers

I have been seeing an NHS physiotherapist after discectomy & decompression surgery L5:S1. She has suggested foot massage to help heal the nerve as I am struggling to improve the mobility in my left leg/foot. Is there anyone who can provide this kind of help?

Therapeutic Massage, Foot Massage

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thetreatmentden 3 years ago

A remedial /sports therapist may be the best to assist. Can you indicate where you are in the country so people can help point you in the direction of suitable therapists.


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PaolaEnergya 3 years ago

Hi Lynn,

Sure, some massage can help. First you need to allow for the sensitive nerve endings to recover so I would suggest very gentle lymphatic drainage.
Then, some deeper work can be applied after a few weeks to improve the flexibility in the foot.

You could also see an osteopath to accelerate the recovery process.

Hope you get better soon.


lynlcw 3 years ago

Hi there Lynn-A Try myofascial release to release all the soft tissue around the joint and up the leg - it works wonders - fantastic results -

ProdigiousHands 3 years ago

Hi, I say surely that would be very good for you receive massage, but not only foot massage.
you probably have the buttocks muscles contracted. Knots almost always caused by compression nerve.
would be useful in the entire leg massages. especially in buttocks and legs.
Your challenge is to try to improve your health depletes all resources. Hope you get better soon.


FB: Prodigious Hands.
Licet Sanchez

Traditionaltuinatherapy 3 years ago

i would recommend tuina therapy on the whole affected area, this would release blockages from the trauma of the op as well as muscular spasms/tension.. i would say from the lumbar area right through the legs should be treated, this would also stimulate blood circulation to improve your recovery and mobility.. a good acupuncturist would be an ideal way to aid your recovery also, preferably a Chinese trained practitioner.. fire cupping on the lumbar area would also help clear blood stagnation and speed up the healing of all tissues in the area.. good luck


JaneyB 3 years ago

Hi, whereabouts are you?

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ahealingtouch 3 years ago

ps i also o lympatic drainage which can help repair the nerves x

Fitinfitness 3 years ago

Please contact MG Fit in Fitness Training on 020 7254 8789 regarding how to improve mobility and rehabilitation programme.

Kind Regards;
Murat Gecmen
Bsc, Master personal trainer


Jhaynes 3 years ago

Hello Lynn,
I am qualified in Reflexology (as well as Sport Massage) and would be happy to either come to you or you could come to me at my treatment room in Burgess Hill, i have been a full time practitioner since 2004
my website is http://www.massageintheworkplace
Home visits are not that expensive and i'm sure i aid you recovery

SueEvans 3 years ago

Yes I can help you if you live in Oxford or Wallingford area. 30.00 half hr or 45.00 an hour. Please call 07799411994 to book, thanks, Sue


SophieCroxford 3 years ago

I am based in Somerset and am a qualified reflexologist. If the location is any good, I can help

AuraHome 3 years ago

Hi. Yes I offer foot massage. i am based in south east essex x

AnneMercer 3 years ago

I would suggest that you also try a bio mechanic coach who can give you nerve mobilisation techniques as well as sport massage. The bio mechanic techniques work to the origin of the problem and the massage can release tightness in the soft tissue this has resulted in.
If you'd like to find a coach who does massage in your area do get in touch and I can put you in touch with someone local.

Sources: Https://

liz-1 3 years ago

Hi Lynn, thanks for your question. I run a ladies only mobile massage therapy business in and around leicestershire. I provide foot massage and can certainly help you with your problem. I do house calls, so no need to worry if you have mobility problems. Deep tissue massage is great for helping to soothe nerves. If you are in my area please have a look at my website below and email or call if you would like to book an appointment.
Good luck, Liz Knight


ahealingtouch 3 years ago

hi i do thai, remedial,mongolian and reflexology which r aimed at the feet. u must exercise your feet. all to often when in pain they stop moving. u must keep moving. Try some aromatherpy oil of clary sage, black pepper and peppermint. Also a great anti inflammatory is blend with water 2 sticks of celery,ginger,cucumber and 2 tbsp of organic apple cider vinegar. if u cant get the viniger then just do the rest. the vinegar is great for artheritis conditions. eat as much spicey food as possible as this contain this anti inflammatory. eat the pips of an apple because this contains natural aspirin. I travel within a 30 mile radius of gatwick airport. Hope this helps my web site x


ahealingtouch 3 years ago

try apple cider vinegar organic 2tsp blend with water celery 2 stick and greated ginger and cucumber. all anti inflammatorys keep moving the worst thing people do when in pain is stop moving. I do thai foot massage, reflexology, mongolian foot massage and deep tissue which I combine so u get the best from your treatment. i am mobile and go to people houses within a 30 mile radius of gatwick airport.


GildedBeauty 3 years ago

Hi, if you stay in the Glasgow area, phone or text me to discuss a treatment plan that my suit you
Mhairi 07976053921

Lynn-A 3 years ago

I thought I had stated where I live but just realised I haven't! Ooops, not clever.
I live in North Essex.

bodyworkslondon 3 years ago

Hi Lynn, def massage would help. It will improve the blood flow thus improving the recovery/healing process. A remedial sports/remedial massage therapist might be the best and even better if the therapist can do some myofascial work, which usually gives excellent results. The target should be working from distal (the foot) to proximal (the hip/lower back) as this is how the nerve runs.
Some people also talk about neuro-reflexology but I can't tell how good it is as I haven't tried it yet.


MahaMilan 3 years ago

Hi Lynn,
I do work with Foot Massage and Leg Massage.
I give massage in central London and can also come to your place in Greater London as well.


MilanSkamene 3 years ago

Hello Lynn,
here is my profile, I'm treating patients with your kind of problem on a daily basis.
And can provide such good references.
With Regards
Milan Skamene

SaksCranmore 3 years ago

At VSpa we offer deep tissue massage, you could have half an hour which we can concentrate on your feet and front & back of legs,
If your muscles are particular tight we can use hot stones to warm up muscles.

Katre 3 years ago

Dear Lynn-A. I'm a licensed massage therapist working in Wellington. Please call 07564097509 Kat

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