What techniques work better for a foot mass for a client who is sensitive to having her feet touched

What foot massage technique works best for a client who is sensitive to having her feet touched?
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The tickishness is often due to the tension itself. Deep tissue work may help. Try working on the legs first to ease any tension there.
Vicki Raven


Yes I agree, thank you
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I have had such clients the only way to get them to relax annually is a firm touch massage that works.
I find that clients like to receive firm-ish, definite pressure around the feet. Strong enough not to tickle, but light enough not to hurt (I know this sounds simplistic, but it's not easy to get the balance right). Try longer sweeping strokes from the lower calf, along the ankles and down to the toes first, before going to detailed pressure-point work on the soles and toes.
One client who'd asked me not to touch her feet changed her mind during treatment, after I was massaging her calf muscles and around the ankles. I used some firm acupressure and light mobilisation techniques through the towel first, then she was happy for me to continue with a full foot massage. Relaxing the rest of the body first before working on the feet can work very well too; maybe this approach might help.
And if this all sounds too obvious, and you've already tried it, I think the client might need some counselling to find out why they don't like having their feet touched! :-)


Great, thanks for the helpful tips I appriciate that, !!
In my time i have had clients with very ticklish feet...i think the best way for a therapist to control this is do the pressure points of the feet and also massage quiet deep.
If you dont massage deep then the clients will become far more sensitive.I wouldnt change the routine at all..its all about the pressure.
If your client cant control him or her self then i would recommend having a different treatment.
Emma x


Thank you so much for your suggestions I shall put them to the test.