What is the best treatment for removing acne scarring?

I've got scarring on my cheek and would like to know what to do to remove - I also have sensitive skin so can't use harsh treatments.
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Definitely Monsia! ;)
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Dependng on the type of the acne scar (ice pick, rolling or box) you have, there are several treatments out there.
My best friend used to be obsessed of her acne scars and we did lots of research together that how I found out about the type of scars. Which is very interesting, as many of us didn't even know this things exist.
Anyway, Kara, she had the rolling scars. These are formed under the skin and give the surface a rolling, uneven appearance. She has been suggested to have surgery, but it was too scary for her. Which I totally understand. Many of us can be self concious about how we look like, but sometimes when it comes to surgery, we think twice.
Anyway, we digged more, and found out that these 'ugly' scars can be treated, and no surgery is involved. It was so much easier to do this. OK, if you are afraid of needles, perhaps this is not the right treatment for you, but if you can go over that, than you will be more than happy about the results. Before the procedure the area that is going to be treated will be numbed so you won't feel any pain. But is all up to you and the type of acne scar you have as mentioned earlier.
Have you tried microdermabrasion ? Depending on how deep the scar is this could help x
Garlic is the most simple and effective treatment over acne.Orange peel can be also very effective over acne.Orange peel also be used to remove excess oil from your face.You can also apply toothpaste to reduce swelling of pimples.There are some products from Karin Herzog which remove scars very early.
There are plenty of different treatments available to address acne scarring. It all depends on the type and extend of scarring. One of the treatments we carry out in our clinic is called "DERMAPEN".
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