Where is the best place to go in East Anglia for skincare consultations for treating acne?

I have tried seeing beauty therapists and cosmetic consultants but I am struggling to find someone with the right knowledge and experience on treating acne.
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I would be happy to help,if Essex is not too far.I have more than 25 years experience and get great results even with the most persistant acne.Please have a look at my website and see and hear from clients what their experiences are.I use Dermaquest/Medik8 and as well as treatments(including peels,LED red/blue lights). I am also a nutritional advisor so whilst I don't think acne can be treated by nutrition alone it can help to improve the speed of results.Most importantly is the ongoing support and guidance with homecare, which I find is crucial in getting results but mostly for maintaining them.Even if you are too far away I would be happy for you to call for further advice,and all consultations are obviously free.
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Dear Emma
Sometimes even dermatologist is not a enough to treat adult acne as this skin condition is often caused by sensitivity for androgen along the jawline. Minor changes or fluctuations in estrogens for women result in androgen dominance which causes increased oil production along jawline and characteristic inflamed Acne lesions.
Dermatologists are often prescribing antibiotics which can reduce the bacterial flora and inflamation but it will never help to treat a cause of Adult Acne: hormonal imbalance. Cooperation between dermatologist and endocrinologist seams to be the best way to treat that skin condition.
You can also try Skin-Accumax, new revolutionary solution for Acne and Rosacea. I seen a great results after one month treatment and a really big improvement in skin condition (even very inflamed Acne improved very much). You can buy Skin-Accumax from my website
I recommend also Exfoliating Cream with Pyruvic, Azelaic & Salicylic Acid from Bandi, which helped to reduce Acne and also reduce scars and discoloration for tens of my clients. It is available to buy from my website, too.
Also Butterfly Effect treatment (with Pyruvic, Azelaic and Salicylic Acid) improving skin very much but due to a summer I stopped to perform that treatment now and I am going to start it again in a middle of September.
But you must remember the real cause of Acne are your hormons.
I recommend to use in your diet and skin care oils rich in GLA (Gamma-linolenic Acid), cold pressed Hemp oil, Evening Primrose oil, Borago oil to reduce inflamation and stabilize your hormons a little bit.
If you have more question about Acne please do not hesitate to email me blackdiamondbeauty@hotmail.co.uk
Good luck
Gosia Mazur
Hello Emma,
I would not recommend the advice of a beautician for clinical conditions such as acne. You would be better advised to see a dermatologist. However, dietary solutions are usually the most effective.
From a dietary perspective you should limit your intake of processed carbohydrates and increase volumes of dense proteins (eggs, chicken, fish). A protein balance is very important.
Correct iodine levels are also important too. Scientific research suggest high levels of iodine are linked to increased acne incidence. Fresh oily fish are better for your skin than supplements which contain chemicals and impurities in their capsule shells.
The less you apply in the way of creams and lotions the better. Whilst it is important to keep the skin clean, this will only prevent the spread of further infection. Creams are an expensive short term short term solution. The problem lies beneath your skin and skin surface preparations will do little more than address the symptoms in the short term.
With best regards
Helen Bowes RGN BSc (hons) AMAP.
Registered Practitioner No. MD1248/12
Advanced Medical Aesthetics Practitioner
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I would love to be able to help you but I am based in Manchester.
I offer bespoke advanced facial skincare treatments for a wide range of issues including Acne.
You could contact Skinbrands who distribute Skinceuticals, Medik8 and Skinmedica products to elite clinics and salons - they could recommend an excellent clinician near you.
You can also contact RegimA head office who offer excellent acne treatments such as Peel and Heal which we find very effective.
In the meantime keep well hydrated, use a clean face cloth with your current cleanser to exfoliate and remove product residue.
Take probiotics supplements - not the yoghurt drinks - to populate your gut with beneficial bacteria to keep acne bacteria in check.
Avoid cow's milk products as I find they aggravate acne as they contain hormones from the cow.
Take a fish oil supplement or eat oily fish regularly - omega essential fatty acids are anti-inflammatory and help balance hormones too.
Diane Nivern LLSA IPCH
Director & Facialist
Diane Nivern Clinic Ltd