whats the best way to remove mustache

how to remove mustache.
easy/not painfull at all
please tell by 20 feb10 or before
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There is alot of ways to get rid of your upper lip hair. The most popular way is waxing , but there also electrolysis, laser, bleaching , creams. Bleaching only takes the colour out and you can over bleach & make it more noticeable and creams can cause irritation to skin. Electrolysis is painfull & takes anything from 6months - 2 years to get rid of depending on your hair. Sorry don't know that much about laser? Waxing- warm wax is placed on your upper lip using a spatula then a muslin cloth goes over the wax and gets puted of very quickly and it's slighty painfull. Hot wax is like treacle using a spstula & letting it set and then pull of without a muslin cloth and it's less painfull. Hope that answered you question.
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Sugaring has the exact same results as the new craze Brazilian honey waxing. But sugaring originates in Egypt, this is where I trained.
Now you can remove all body & facial hair effectively & with minimal discomfort. Its 100% natural (its edible), gentle & lasts twice as long as waxing!!
Sugaring is a pure all-natural hair removal method. Its considered the oldest & still the best method for hair removal & effective for all hair textures. It is often compared to waxing because both are sticky but that’s where the comparison ends.
If you have sensitive skin then sugaring is the best choice. The sugar paste only adheres to your hair & pulls them out by the root without sticking to the skin causing no irritation .
It is a less painful, hypo-allergenic method of hair removal. Re-growth is slow so this method of hair removal can last up to 6 weeks, which is comparable to how long laser treatment lasts & so makes it a good hair removal alternative. It is safe for the entire body & face.
With regular treatments the hairs become sparse, softer & lighter in colour, therefore less noticeable between treatments. Frequent sugaring can also cause the hair follicle to shrink which permanently stops the growing hair.
Sugaring also works as a body exfoliant which greatly adds to the smooth, soft after affect clearly enjoyed by clients.
Experience has shown that the anticipation is often worse than the process itself.
Now you can remove all body & facial hair effectively & with minimal discomfort. 100% natural, gentle & lasts for weeks.
You have no excuse from here on out . . .
So . . . .
When will you discover body sugaring?
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Hi Sabbah,
Love your question ... asked many times so hopefully my response will help others too
First you must decide whether you're looking for a permanent solution [advisable] or a procedure that is quick and inexpensive. Then you have the choice of professional or home treatments.
BLEACHING can be effective on fair to medium sparse hair on fair skin. Be careful not to over bleach as hairs become brittle - making them appear more obvious. Effects are short term - bleached hair falls away being replaced by new naturally pigmented regrowth [home or salon]
WARM WAX is a method best performed in the salon as hairs need to be removed in a specific direction so as not to cause distorted follicles. Hygiene is very important during and post procedure. As warm wax adheres to the skin it can cause a prolonged pinkness in sensitive skin types and can cause superficial skin removal. Recovery from this usually takes a few days afrer a scab has formed. Method removes hair from base of follicle
HOT WAX must be performed by a professional simply because of the nature of the treatment. It is most recommended for sensitive skins as the product adheres to the hair only and not to the skin. Pinkness can occure but skin recovers faster. Hair is removed from base of follicle
THREADING can either be done in the salon or by a person with experience and has become a popular remedy for unwanted facial hair due to 'claims' that it is less harsh on the skin. This maybe so when when compared to warm waxing [but not hot] however this method of removal requires more frequent visits to the salon as generally [a large percent of] the hair is lifted and snapped off just below the skins surface and not from the base of the follicle. Inexperienced performers can cause line 'grazes' on the skin which scab and heal within a few days
TWEEZING is not a good method for the total area but can be used to 'yank out' the odd one or two stray ones. Removal is from the follicle and lasts as long as waxing
DEPILATORY CREAMS has its uses however the product has to dissolve the hair, in order for it to be effective, thus must remain on the skin for quite a while. Product can cause mild burns and can also affect skin colouring [hyperpigmentation] Lasts a little longer than shaving but not as long as previously mentioned methods
SHAVING is quick and easy though care is required as is typical when using a blade etc. effects last a day or two maximum as hair is removed superficially
TRIMMERS are handy and not much damage can be done using this method. As with shaving
- hair is removed superficially although not as close as with shaving. Results are short-lived and generally require daily top-ups
SCISSORS offer same results as Trimmers however care is required when angling the blades across the skin [accidental cutting of the skin can cause dermal wounds which leave scarring] Not recommended unless done by another person with good eyesight and steady hands!
ELECTROLYSIS is super for permanent reults. The hair growth cycle must be understood fully to appreciate that permanent results can only be obtained when a course of treatments is completed. Your professional will help answer any questions although there is plenty to read up on via the www.
LASER/IPL/LHE etc offer permanent reduction of unwanted hair but, again, it is essential to understand why several regular sessions are required before desired results can be obtained
Having performed electrolysis and waxing for 25 years [laser the last 10 years] I can only offer the following advice as regards pain and pricing ... you, personally will then find the answer!
Ask your self ...
"Does the hair growth bother me now and how will it bother me in 5-10 years time when regrowth becomes thicker/darker and my eyesight becomes less dependable?"
If this question worries you then permanent removal should be sought as soon as possible [ie., do not waste time on temporary procedures - instead save time, money and anguish]
If the above question does not worry you at all - then you will find any method is suitable although [from experience] I believe you will find electrolysis and laser too uncomfortable to bear. Generally only those 'desperate for relief' will endure the varying discomfort associated with permanent procedures currently laser and electrolysis
Hope this helps
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A lot of people do go for waxing but it isn't pain free. Now it is a small area but it's a sensitive area, it can go quite pink afterwards so I would recommend if you were to get it done to do it near the end of the day.
If you don't have much there to start with and it's not too dark I would maybe consider bleaching if it really bothers you because even though it can grow back finer it can grow back slightly darker and sometimes it's best to leave it.
If it is course and dark to start with then waxing is your best option.
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Threading is fantastic. No chemicals are used and it isn't as painful as waxing.
Hi, waxing is one option however this is quite harsh on the skin as it takes tge top layer off. If you are looking for a non permanent solution then you should try threading. This is ideal for all clients especially those with sensitive skin. This is a very precise way of treating unwanted hair and results are good. However if you are looking for a more permanent solution you should try Ellipse I.P.L permanent hair removal. Providing the hairs are dark this treatment greatly reduces the amount of hair, the thickness and the pigment in the hair on a more permanent basis.
Hi, the best way is to have it waxed, it is removed completely, regrowth is finer and you get a long time in between needing it done, however it isn't pain free, it can be quite uncomfortable, if you want a pain free option, you could haave the hairs bleached so they are not so visible, but the most effective way is going to be removing the hair, hope that has helped towards making a decision, ruth