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Question: Is there anyone in the UK with experience of using fillers for treating acne scars?

Asked by delphie

4 answers

I have quite significant acne scars of the rolling type mainly caused by fat loss. I've tried numerous procedures all of which have provided very little if any results. I've tried dermaroller, prp, radiofrequency, subcision, tca cross and Total FX laser. All of these have had little to no effect. I'm looking for someone experienced with using fillers to treat acne scars and i'm also wondering if there is any longer lasting fillers that might be suitable.

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Have you tried a course of microdermabrasion with red light therapy? It doesn't happen overnight but you will see results in six months

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Thanks but i have pitted scars, microdermabrasion won't do anything for them.

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Hello Delphie,
Yes, we have treated the rolling type acne scars with success, but really we would need to see the acne scarring before we would recommend a definitive treatment. And as regards long lasting fillers, most of the newer fillers are softer and tend to last a long time, especially in scars. This is what we tend to find in those patients where rolling acne scars have responded well to dermal filling. You would need to book for a consultation before proceeding to treatment. I do hope this is helpful.
Best wishes!
Ageless Clinics



Princess Soraya Salon Tel: 07802 783 462 OR 077 303 96696
Please tel me and I can explain about carious treatments I use in my salon
and results they produce. I have extensive machinery, products that solve this problem.



I am Dr Siddiqi at PURE medispa and i use fillers a great deal to help with scarring.
there are special fillers that can be used and we have treated many clients very successfully
again like my colleagues we would advise you to have a free consultation with us first and then we can recommend the most appropriate treatments

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