Every time I have my roots done my grey shows within a week. Does anyone know how to make it last?

My hair is naturally dark/medium brown but since going grey (a lot, it is practically white) my hairdresser has coloured it by mixing 6.0 with 7.0 and 6% peroxide. (I have no idea what this means). I get it coloured every four weeks but the grey shows within one week and is noticeable. Is there anything I could ask her to do to make it last longer as it doesn't seem to be regrowth, just fading. I am only 35 and don't want to show grey ever! Thank you for any advice.
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You could try having a few scattered soft bleached highlights through the colour this might make it less noticeable when the grey comes through or going a shade or half a shade lighter. I do a lot of ladies with 80 % grey and I use a base 8 looks lovely and natural but really need to see you to see if that would suit your colouring. Hope this helps a bit! Jacqui
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well..maybe your hair is really stubborn..as the colour does actually take initially..but must be quite porous to throw it out so fast..a pre-softening service could be done before you have your regrowth done..but this takes time and more money..it is a common problem for us ladies that are white!!! most of my clients say similar things so we usually go a few shades lighter or do some fine foils along the parting or where it notices more..6.0+7.0 are perfect for covering white hair but make sure that the make of colour is compatible to cover 100% white hair.
I personally think you are using the wrong colors I would go to the nearest to ur natural color not lighter!! Also there tints put there that are brilliant for complete coverage eg gold well are very good do have a chat with ur hairdresser or change :))
Hi there, it could be a mixture of things. My initial thought is that the tint being used just isn't compatible with the level/porosity of your hair. It could be that your hair is resistant to tint, especially when the hair texture has changed as a result of going white. But also it could be that by going lighter, either all over, or by introducing (subtle) highlights you would not see the regrowth strip quite as quickly as if it were lighter.
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