Where can I get a cheap acne treatment in West Sussex?

Asked by gilbot01

3 answers

Hi there, i would recommend that you come into a salon for a consultation so the therapist can have a good look at you skin and have a chat about lifestyle etc. You are more than welcome to come for a free consultation to discuss any concerns you have regarding your skin.
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I offer the Hydradermie2 for £48, which includes a complimentary skin peel.
Hi it depends what you mean by cheap!? Also, is your acne active at the moment? If you are currently suffering with breakouts, it's better to wait until your skin is calmer before you try any treatments.
At Waters Edge Clinic we specialise in skin treatments and problems. We offer a peeling treatment that helps to de-congest and clear the skin, and also helps to tackle scarring and redness.
The cost of this treatment is £45.
Hope this helps, and if you want to contact the clinic for a chat about your skin, we'd be happy to help.