How important is "Not tested on animals" to you when looking at cosmetic products?

In the last year some of the largest cosmetic and nail companies have been found to be testing a small number of their products on animals. Is this still something you consider important when researching products?
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I am running cruelty-free beauty room and therefore that information is extremely important to me. Animal testing it's not only cruel, it doesn't make any sense as animal skin is different then human. Now when we have in vitro tests (laboratories are growing cells of human skin and tests take place on it first and then on volunteers) animal testing is just old fashion not very reliable method, should not take place in cosmetic industry
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As a customer it is the first thing I look for, I also won't use products that contain animal ingredients.
Extremely important!!! I only trust Kalliste Organics Inc.. Its a Organic/Cruelity-free company in Dobbs Ferry, New York. The owner is super friendly and makes everything herself. I would refer Kalliste to anyone wanting to stear away from animal tested products. Also, Kalliste has helped with my wrinkles, acne, and strech marks. And, I sure haven't complained.
This is our company policy
FM GROUP World, in line with corporate social responsibility, is categorically against animal testing and inhumane treatment of animals,
FM GROUP World finished products are not and never were tested on animals. We do not conduct or commission animal testing to other companies. Few zoonotic ingredients in FM GROUP World products are used because of their superior quality and valuable propertles difficult to substitute in any other way (e,g. honey nectar in honey lip gel). However, sourcing of these ingredients does not cause death or injury to animals, it is conducted in safe and natural way.
We do not use products derived from slaughter of animals. Make-up brush natural bristles are obtained from animals, however, they were not subjected to any kind of suffering or discomfort.
Having in mind improvement of your animals life quality, especially pets, we introduced FM GROUP PETS series. lt consists of various excellent shampoos for dogs and cats. These products will ensure proper hair and fur care of your four-legged friends"
yes..i think it is important that all skin care and beauty products are tried out on human skin!!!
Hi, it is still so important to know that the products and cosmetics I buy and use aren't tested on animals. I think animal testing is terribly cruel and wouldn't ever consider buying or using something that has hurt any living thing ~ just for the sake of vanity. I am sure and hope that most people & therapists feel the same way as I do :)
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