I want to find out what makeup best suits me but am allergic to a few. Where can I go for advice?

Asked by eleanormw

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A lot of people will suggest using Mineral Makeup if you find you are allergic to some. But even here you need to be careful, a lot of them contain Bismuth Oxychloride. It is a natural by-product but can often cause itching, rashes and in some cases mile to severe cystic acne.
Cozmetic Labs makeup doesn't contain this, nor parabens or artificial fragrance or perfumes and of course isn't tested on animals.
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Personaly i have found that Jane Irdale mineral make up is amazing even for the most sensitive skins this is the number of the supplier 0208 450 2020 if you explane your situation they may even send you a sample or send you to a consultant in your area who will try it on you, i hope this helps
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Are you allergic to MAC products, patch test with these first to see if you allergic to them. I hope this helped!
Hi, well like me i'm allergic to just about everything i suffer from chronic idopathic urticria, which affects my skin and immune system. I also have a birthmark on most of the right side of my face. So firstly see a dermotolgist and get some skin tests done...there's make up out there you just have to check ingredients and be prepared to spend a little extra to buy good quality mineral makeup. For the last year i've been using FM Mineral makeup and believe me it's my best friend!! I've had no problem other than I keep buying more and more of the FM range which is available for all skin types. Have a look at my website under the make up section as each product has full ingredients listed.
Hope this helps
As the prior response stated, I fully agree you need learn what it is you are allergic to, see a dermatologist and an ENT specialist......from there you can approach products with much better information or ask again what products are best suited for your sensitivities. There are plenty of products available, so don't fret! I often talk about skincare on my Facebook page as well, feel free to ask more questions! and good luck!!
I would suggest that you need to first find out what exactly you are allergic to- and then just check the ingredients before you buy products to check they are not in it.