Where can I find a good Lomi Lomi massage in Edinburgh?

As I am a therapist myself I'm positively fussy when receiving treatments and know it's good to go with recommendations. So if anyone had a great Lomi Lomi experience please let me know! :)
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As a Lomi Lomi practioner, I've certainly received very positive feedback. I'm based in the West End of Edinburgh.
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I highly recommend Karina from Naturall Touch - she is brilliant. I have experienced the best ever massage in my life with her!!!!!
Just saw this so poss far too late to be helpful and you have probably found a good therapist. However, As a Lomi Lomi practitioner what I would say is that your massage will depend on a number of factors and even if you go to the same therapist you should find each treatment is different. Some therapists use a couch cover, some don't, some use a sheet to cover the client and some use a sarong and with some you might keep underwear on but with others you don't.
I am based in North Queensferry but now also practice on alternate weekends in Edinburgh. As Nipo says below - try doing an exchange. Hope you managed to find a good practitioner .


I had massage by Bill and I highly recommend it ;)
I had massage by Bill and I highly recommend it ;)
Bill at sensationaloils ?
Like yourself, as a therapist I have high expectations from any treatments I go for!
Yesterday I had a lovely Lomi Lomi massage from ArnuA Grunge at Absolute Indigo in Edinburgh. A.I. have a website, they''re about a 20 minute walk from Waverley Station, so very easy to get to.
I''ll definitely be going back for more!
You can try Lomi Lomi Massage at Masajka Massage.U can read reviews: masajkamassagesalon.freeindex.co.uk
As a therapist you could join massage exchange... you give a message and you receive a massage all free of charge. Whilst I can't guarantee success it is worth a try and there is a rating system as well so you know the quality of massage you are likely to receive.
If you have no success...you could always take the east coast rail line down to Newark and I would be happy to give you either a Lomi Lomi or a Sacred Lomi.
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