Are there any male therapists out there who can carry out a Hollywood waxing procedure on men?

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Hi, I am a Male Therapists and my clientele is only Male, they maybe simply coming in for the ever popular Back or Chest Wax, but I would say that around 40% of my clients alone are having a Hollywood or a Male Brazilian. The numbers are growing rather quickly (although a little behind the Antipodeans yet) and it is more apparent by the good number of Male Therapists that are now available and also extremely well trained. Myself and Salon provide professional treatments with knowledgeable customer service.
I wrote an article not so long ago relating to this and lets hope that the Men continue the demand (and Salons) notice that Waxing for Men is making a mark.
I think my best advice is to tell your other half to just book it, freak out on the way there, uncontrollably suffer a few owches!!!! and jeezz!!! but it will definitely become a bi-monthly routine.
Kind Regards,
Cameron McCallum


Hi Cameron,
I don't suppose you're based in London, looking for a male therapist for our Clapham Salon?
Search Treatwell for Ladies' Waxing near you
Just the above.... Where are you based?
I am in Walthamstow North East London.
I am qualified and experienced male therapist and perform waxing for men (and women). I work from a home based studio (or will travel) and offer great prices. eg. £30 for BSC first time and £25 after.
Yes, in a home based studio in Atherstone, Warwickshire. see
Yes, in a home based studio in Atherstone, Warwickshire. see
Hi. Please can you tell me if you do. The kind of waxing for Hollywood waxing. The removal of hair sugar wax ie using the wax only. Not the paper strips. I went to Turkey recently and had a Hollywood wax and it was good. They did not use the strips.
Many thanks. Suzanne
Yes in!
Many, I have trained some of them too! When you are looking for male intimate waxing it is really important you ask a few questions. 1) Are they specifically qualified in Male Intimate Waxing and 2) What type of wax do they use.
For the second question it is very important that they use hot wax / non strip wax / peelable wax (all names for the same type of wax). This is not a treatment that can be safely and comfortably carried out with traditional warm / strip wax.
The most important things to look for when choosing a waxer is the qualifications they hold and the experience they have - not whats between their legs. You need specialist training to be able to wax intimate areas safely (as well as to be able to gain insurance!) so dont be afraid to ask to see proof of qualifications! i also agree the waxing 4 men site will be a great place to start looking. X
There are many therapists now offering this treatment. If you are based south east then try axiom bodyworks. Otherwise I would google male waxing therapists.
Hi there, I am based in Salisbury if that is any help.
Yes there are male therapists around, but depending on your location you may have to travel.
My business is based in Leicester and is a male grooming studio offering treatments for men by men. if you're in the midlands :)


Hi there
Yes, there are male therapists out there, performing intimate waxing for men. I also do this
Check out this site will give you local therapists in your area , if there are any, and all are Axiom trained
Hope this helps