Does anyone know how Wella Illumina is applied and if the colours are seperate or mixed together?

I'm going to a Wella salon, will my hairdresser be trained to use/offer Wella Illumina? My hair is all over light blonde and collar length but it's dry and lifeless. Illumina looks like the answer to my prayers. Does the stylist mix all the colours together or are they applied as hi-lites/foils all over? I still want to be a cool blonde but my natural colour has a bit of red in it, which she always says is a bit of a problem in lightening it.
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Illumina is applied like any other colour- as an all over colour or in foils as slices or highlights. It offers a sheerer colour and if you are naturally quite blonde, it will be fine for you as highlights. If your colour has a naturally warm undertone(bit of red), it really depends on how much of that natural undertone you want rid of. If you dont mind it toned down, then highlights are fine. If you want rid of it completely you'll need an all over colour. You could still have highlights through that all over colour.
A decent hair salon will always do a really thorough consultation for free, checking your previous colours, your natural colour and maybe do a strand test(they cut a small section of hair out and test the colour on it.)
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i work with Loreal.