What is the best way to shape eyebrows?

What is the best method of having your eyebrows shaped - waxed or plucked?
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One of the better treatments, currently on offer is HD Brows. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further infirmation of this 7 stage process which does offer greta results and outstanding value for money. charlene@beauty-perfection.com or text /call 07400 246666. Hope all is good.
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most places offer an eyebrow shape.
once shaped then you can us our nd yag laser hair removal so you will never have wax or thread them again. I have had it done and i am so happy that i will never have to get then threaded again. Perfectly shaped eyebrows forever. We are called The Beauty Parade and we are featured on this website. Or feel free to contact me on 07798 697 993.
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Waxing is an better option as it is quicker and can remove more hairs giving a more defined look. Hot wax is kinder to the skin as there as it grips onto the hairs only, this is particularly the case with Lycon wax. There will always be a few strays that need to be removed with tweezers, to perfect the look.
Threading is another option, this is also good as it offers a defined look with minimum trauma to the skin. This is due to the loop of thread wrapping itself around the hair so it is removed at the root.
If you really want to enhance them then HD Brows is great for this, as this treatment foucuses on shaping your brows to suit your face shape and features. This uses a combination of waxing, tinting, threading and an option of an application of make up, depending on what look you would want to achieve.
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Waxing with someone that know what they're doing! - You should discuss what you want with your therapist who should be able to advise on what can be achieved. Take a look at their eyebrows before you let them loose on yours!!
I like to take my time to get the shape just right - you can always take more off but you can never put them back on!
For more information http://www.sugarsugarwax.co.uk or like us on facebook to ask us questions directly. You can follow us on Twitter too @sugarsugarwax or email sugarsugarwax@gmail.com
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definitely waxing from my point of view, more so Hot wax. i find i never have to repeat or pluck an area afterwards and it leaves a perfect less painful finish.
regrowth is finer and softer and the freedom from unwanted hair for long periods of time (usually about 4-6 weeks).
Threading is an excellent way of shaping brows. Its a very skilled technique and leaves you with perfectly shaped and tidy eyebrows. Waxing is also a good way to shape brows, I normally finish this off with a touch of threading just to get that perfect finish. I would recommend that you don't pluck stray hairs yourself between appointment so your regrowth stays the same and lasts well in between appointments. Generally every 2-4 weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows. Eyebrow tinting then finishes off t he look by defining your brows and making them stand out along with your eyes. This can make a real difference especially if you have fair hair. If you have any further questions please contact Emma at The Rooms, Lockonego on 02077951798, you can also visit our website http://www.lockonego.com
It really depends what suits you. The vast majority of our clients would choose waxing over plucking - it's less time consuming and therefore less painful. We usually finish off an eyebrow wax with a pair of tweezers to get a perfect finish. If you haven't tried Threading you'll get a brilliant shape using this method. Have a look on our website for more information http://www.greenspacesalons.co.uk or like us on facebook to ask us questions directly. You can follow us on Twitter too @GSSalons or email directly to sarahgreen@greenspacesalons.co.uk
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