Any advice on treatments for large pores. They are over my nose, under my eyes and on my forehead.

Im 35, and have had these for years.
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Apply tomato juice onto the skin regularly with a cotton wool ball for about 20 minutes. This effectively helps to reduce the size of the pores by shrinking them. Tomato juice mixed with calamine powder or sandalwood powder helps to tone up the skin helping reducing the size of the pores. It will also help to reduce the production of sebum resulting in smaller pores.
· Whipped egg white mixed with a little lemon juice when applied as a face pack is excellent for improving skin tone, complexion and helps to reduce pore size.
· Mashed papaya applied on the skin helps in toning the pores. You can directly apply a mashes papaya on your skin or can put it on cotton wool and gently cleanse the skin. When you are ready to remove the papaya simply rinse your face with luke- warm water.
· Honey is very medicinal and has many health giving properties and is excellent for the skin. Honey reduces oiliness in the skin and helps to tone up the pores. It can either be used as part of a facemask with a little lemon and sugar added to it or applied straight to the skin and massaged gently before rinsing off after a few minutes.
· A quick and fuss free way to minimise pores, especially If you are going out and do not have much time is to rub an ice cube wrapped in a cloth over the offending area. This quickly shrinks the pore and reduces the production of oil temporarily for a few hours.


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Try these remedies to remove pores. Hope it will gives you better result.
• Apply the paste of fresh papaya to reduce the size of pores.
• Apply the juice of one ripe tomato to your face. Leave to dry and rinse off with warm water. This helps to reduce the appearance of large pores and prevents clogging.
• Use ice cube over your skin to shrink any large pores.
• Massage your skin with olive oil or coconut oil.
I do deep cleanse facial with herbs and plants, these products are hypoalergenicos, very good open pores. check out my website for more information.
facial bromley
The best for open pores is microdermabrasion. You'll probably need 3-4 maybe 5 but the results are amazing and you'll be happy.
Hi I also have suffered with these. Open pores are usually linked with oily skins either from puberty, pregnancy or menopause. The pore is stretch open by the amount of oil being produced and forced to the surface. First you need to reduce the oil production or else the pores will be stretched back over time.
Would suggest a course of regular Facials such as glycolic or AHA peels or Laser.
We use Decleor's Alpha plus treatment at the spa to treat this problem, a gentle treatment to resurface the the skin and close pore. It is a 15% AHA peel. They also have a milder version for customers to use at home "Experience Gel Resurfacing Peel".
I have also been using Decleor's Neroli Aromessence for a year now and even thou I have been in the industry for over 12yrs I was still surprised at how good the results were.
Hi. Have you ever tried a microcurrent facial, it stumulate collagen and elastin with the skin and can shrink open pores? You normally need a course of treatments but you can actually see results after one session. Its a lovely facial and totally painlesss! If you are interested salons normally do a free trial to see how you get on. It would be really worth while as the theraplist can then recomment a skin care routine for you. A skincare product with a AHA sould like it would be benificial. Have a ring around. The microcurrent facial I do in my salon is Perfector but the CACI is very good too. If you need any further information check out my website
Hope thats of some help x
Pores enlargen with sebum production and age. While facials will help to improve the appearance of pores ideally you need a specialist treatment which will shrink your pores. Yes you can you use microdermaroller treatments but home use treatments will probably not treat as deeply as necessary to obtain results required (deeper needle size penetrates more deeply into the skin, the deeper the treatment, the more spectacular the results). A clinic treatment would give best results. Alternatively you can have a course of Easy Phytic treatments which are based on glycolic, mandelic, salicylic and phytic acids - renowed for producing spectacular results for reducing pore size and smoothing the skin generally. Also you will need to use clinic strength glycolic products to maintain results. All treatments and products are available from our medical aesthetics clinic.
Hi, I do facials for all skin conditions. I have a deep cleanse treatment. You will love the results.
Hi, with my experience I have seen amazing results of using microdermabasion treatment.
If you are thinking about the money you could buy the Microderma set and use it at home.
I use Mary Kay product and if you need any help with that e-mail
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