How much does a perm cost?

And also, is it possible to color and perm your hair on the same day without much damage to your hair? Or do you have to do it separately..
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Hi, I dont do hair perming I am afraid, sorry.
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Hi tazkeela, perms as in curly perms start from £45 depending on hair length and thickness. Perm, as in relaxers starts from £40 again depending on amount of hair that needs relaxing. You can color at the same time if it's a non perminent. If you require a perminent youll need at least a week in between the relaxer and the color, depending on the quality of your hair. And color required. Should you have further questions or queries. Contact 07432632696 as for laura. I'm happy to assist I. Any way I can. Good luck!
Hi .
the answer to colour and perm on the same day depends on the condition of your hair and if it can be done it the perm must be done first as the perm remove some of the colour if it is done after colouring.why don't you come for a free no obligation consultation.?
perm prices start from £75-£125 excluding the cut and dry
I would recommend having a perm before any colour and would not recommend having it done at the same time as it would over process the hair and cause breakage. If you colour before a perm it will strip some of the colour out. Ideally have the perm first and then use plenty of conditioning products for a good 4 weeks at least before colouring your hair. A thorough consultation would need to be completed to ensure your hair is suitable for perming. Our costs range from £33-£50 for perming depending on the length of your hair. This includes a blow dry only.
Hey! It's better to colour it after you have had a perm. But normally when you have a perm you should wait 2 weeks afterwards until you permanently colour it, to make sure it maintains in good condition and give your hair a break from being chemically treated. If you colour you hair before you perm it, it can strip some of the colour out, and won't look it's best. A perm in the area where I live normally costs a bout £40.00-£45.00 for just the actual perm, then if you want it cut & finished afterwards, it makes it up to about £65.00-£70.00. Have a look on my work's website Hope this helps you!
you can colour and perm the same day if a semi - colour is used. but if a permanent colour is more desirable 2 weeks is the recommended break after processing, you can also give your hair a deep penetrating treatment before or after any processing. it will help to prepare your hair for the use of chemicals.
Hello Tazkeala, Thank you for your enquiry. Although Skin beautiful operates from Hay's Hair Company, Daventry, we only offer a skin clinic for advanced Botox & dermal fillers treatments. Please contact salon owner Clare at Hay's Hair Company for all hair styling details. Tel: 01327 702849, email: Thank you. Helen, Skin Beautiful, Advanced Medical Aesthetics Practitioner
Hi Tazkeala, Depeneding on what type if perm you are looking for prices can start from £40 upwards. You can have a semi after the perm but the colours would be more for adding tone and colour rather than lifting and lightening. Best advice is to go to your salon and have a consultation and they will be able to guide you. Hope that helps. Rachel
Hi , perm prices can very a little but most in the area are from £60 with a cut and finnish. It isnt advisable to have a permanant colour on the same day as the hair needs to recover. a semo permanant is ok as stated below. I would advise the perm first then the colour.
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Hi Tazkeela, yes you can have a semi permanent colour on the same day as a perm. What type of perm do you want? Straight,curly please call in the salon so we can have breif consultaiton or come in th salon, we can then establish the correct service or products to suit you. 0121 4393314