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Question: What's the best way to help skin after an allergic reaction?

Asked by Judy-J 4 years ago

11 answers

After an allergic reaction to some aromatherapy oils in the summer plus suffering with prickly heat around the same time, my skin still seems quite irritated/inflamed. What can I do to get it back to normal?

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LorraineSutton 4 years ago

You should not use Citrus based oils before exposure to the sun. Try to remember or find out which oils were used and avoid them .
If your skin is still irritated since last summer you should perhaps seek medical advice.
In the meantime avoid anything fragranced on your skin and do not exfoliate.
You could try cooled Aloe Vera gel, and Vitamin E capsule directly to the skin to bring down the inflammation and always use tepid water - not hot - as this will irritate the skin more.

Hope this helps

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PaolaEnergya 4 years ago

Hi Judy, as other colleagues said consult your GP. I remember you saying that you never have oil massages for this reason, sorry to hear about what happened.

Among other things you could do is to have manual lymphatic drainage as it can help to calm down the inflammation, unless you are feeling sensitve to touch and therefore you should wait until the flare up has cleared.

Hope your skin improves soon



bodysilk 4 years ago

Do not use oily based products, and do not exfoliate when your skin is inflamed as it may cause the irritation to increase due to the bacteria spread. Use topical products containing benzoyl peroxide (5%) - it should clear the skin. Check out this link


beauty-by-jaki 4 years ago

Depending on what oils that have been used on your skin and together with strong sunlight your skin has probably been sensitised now. You will probably find that your skin could stay sensitive. There is a term in the beauty trade known as "photosensitisation" it is where the skin is more sensitive to ultra violet light and oils should not be used before exposure to strong sunlight, sunbeds or other sources of ultraviolet light.
Do you know the oils that were used for your massage?
Products with Camomile or lavender in it is great for irritated skin.
Hope this could have been of help to you .

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Judy-J 4 years ago

I do have really sensitive skin anyway and sadly the treatment (using various 'energising' aromatherapy oils) caused a reaction. A few weeks later I was off on holiday and the heat rash combined with that has left my skin a bit damaged! I've stayed away from any scented products since, as I tend to react to fragrance anyway, just wondering how I can get the skin back to normal? x

HJames 4 years ago

For skin that has become sensitised by essential oils (usually citrus oils) it is best not to apply more essential oil based products at all, until the sensitivity has fully settled.

Think going back to basics, not fighting fire with fire, so to speak.

Be gentle on the affected area with whatever you use and avoid creams which may contain mineral oils or harsh ingredients such as alcohols, polyethylene glycols PEG's and preservatives, all of which can add to the problem and cause further upset in the skin.

Instead, try plant based botanical oils which have a natural affinity with human skin and are readily absorbed, unlike mineral oils, which inhibit the natural respiration activity of the skin causing further problems and slower recovery.

A botanical oil such as Hemp Seed Oil is rich in omega essential fatty acids 3,6 & 9, is very soothing for inflammed and sensitive skin and ideal for settling sensitised skin.

Look out for a single oil made without the use of any other additives such as essential oil, until your skin has calmed and feels normal again.
Apply regularly until the sensitivity has passed and all being well your skin should very soon be restored back to its normal healthy soft and supple texture.


lirio 4 years ago

You must see your GP, could be polen allergy, your GP can advice you the best treatment for you.
Dont use any products can be worse when the skin is inflamed.
massage Bromley


Jssnll 4 years ago

Hi Judy,
My wife and I run a Natural health and nutritional business based around the Aloe Vera plant which is exceptionally good for treating a variety of skin conditions.
Normally I would recommend our cold stabalised Aloe Vera gelly which is practically the same as cutting the plant open yourself. However, I understand that with prickly heat it is best left untouched and would rather recommend a water based spray version called 'Aloe First' you can buy it from our online shop by following this link.....

Give it a try, all our products come with a 60 day money back guarantee so you dont have anything to loose! :)

Really hope this helps!

Best Regards


NikkiFeeney 4 years ago

Hi Judy, I would recommend you moisturise with some pure Shea butter you can also warm this to make an oil consistency if needs be, keep a good body cream you know is safe for you in the fridge between use for really good cool relief. Avoid citrus oils in the future. As long as you are aware and any therapist is aware there is no reason to avoid massage or other treatments just make sure there is always a patch test before any product is used on you.
Hope it improves for you soon.


RachelStaggs 4 years ago

Hi Judy.

Where abouts are you based? I specialise in skin treatments. Sensitivity is a difficult thing to treat without seeing it. Could you pop in and see me?

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Judy-J 3 years ago

Hi Rachel

I'm in London - would be great to get an opinion!

WestLondonColonics 2 years ago

I am Julia Rhodes, principal colon hydro therapist with West London Colonics.

WLC Wahanda page:
The perspective from the point of view of colon hydrotherapy would be inner beauty first, the external beauty follows.
It’s very common for clients to see big improvements in skin complaints with a course of colonics. Not surprising really, since the skin is in part an excretory organ, as well as the organ with largest surface area. When there’s internal cleanliness, external well-being reveals itself in the quality of eyes and skin. Soothing substances can be added to the colonics water or implants to improve the cooling therapeutic effects.

Sources: WLC Wahanda page:
See Julia Rhodes profile on Wahanda

Rightside 2 years ago

Did you resolve this sensitivity, I seem to be having a similar problem. Initial reaction to a product has calmed down, but generally my skin is very sensitive.

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