I'm considering cutting out dairy in the hope it clears up my skin, is this safe to do?

I suffer from constant flare ups with my skin, usually with spots all around my face that seem to last for weeks. After reading lots of info that connects cows milk and their hormones to spotty skin problems- I'm trying to cut out all dairy to see if this has any effect. Is this safe to do? Has anyone tried it? Is swapping cows milk with goats milk a good alternative?
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Skin health is often related to poor elimination (ie bowels). Milk hinders this process so it definitely wont do you any "harm" cutting it out, and using goats milk instead is a reasonable alternative, although if you can manage without, that would be better. Some sort of colon cleanse would be good, possible zinc supplements too. Can you see a systematic kinesiologist - they can test you for intolerances and the best supplements for you. http://www.systematic-kinesiology.co.uk will list Practitioners near you. Good luck.
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Hi I am Julia Rhodes of West london Colonics.
Yes, I agree with cleansingforlife suggestions, which borne out by my experience with clients, over the course of 2000 treatments.
The combo of Cutting down / eliminating dairy + a judicious course of colonics often has a wonderful effect on skin health ( and better yet , systemic health )
Thank you for all your comments everyone. I'm on my 3rd full day of no dairy, and have been slowly cutting it out for over a week now (couldnt waste all the yummy food in my fridge too!) and I have to say I feel quite a bit better. I haven't had any bloating at all these past couple of days, no sluggishness after eating and it may just be a coincidence but I feel like my sleep has improved too. My skin looks the same (but i'm not expecting any difference for a long while yet) although one big area of acne has dramatically cleared up, but it has been lingering around for a while so this just could be another coincidence too. Thank you all for your help, will update in around 4/6 weeks time with any progress. Rebecca x
Hi, yes do try cutting out dairy. Many people have a hidden dairy allergy or intolerance. And it often shows in the skin. And replacing cow's milk with goats is a good idea too -we can tolerate that form of lactose better.
Hi, I can say definately its safe to give up dairy. I have been allergic to cows milk and eggs since I was about 4 years old and have had no problems related to not drinking cows milk.
cows milk is heavy and lactose is difficult for even those who are not allergic to it to digest, it can be quite inflammatory to the gut, and can really clog up your skin around the nose and fore head. Also because of the hormones in the milk you can end up with spots around and under the chin. As cleansingforlife said, soya is also not a great one to switch to if you are trying to clear your skin, although it is a good option in the longer term as it is really the only alternative to cows milk you can readily get in cafe's and resturaunts if you are having a cup of tea on the go.
Goats or sheeps milk is a good option and tastes great!, They also make a really great goats milk butter, yogart, cheese, cream etc... or there is oat, almond, pea, hazlenut or rice milks which you can get fairly easily, but I dont really like these as they curdle in hot drinks and I dont like the taste on their own (my housemate likes the almond and hazlenut milks though so I think this is really just personal taste). Also Bufallo milk suprisingly is lactose free.
In terms of detox, I would say its great to do a sugar free (to combat any yeast infection in the gut) gluten free, red meat and shellfish free and dairy free diet. (also no alcohol or cigarettes).... This is extreme and you will feel pretty rubbish for a week or so, but the once you get through that it is so good for your skin and energy levels.
I used to have acnae and had used everything, including long term antibiotics and nothing worked. Then I did this detox for three months and by the end of it my skin was really clear, and although I went back to my normal diet (apart from gluten which I descovered I was allergic to) my skin has stayed clear (apart from the odd spot now and again). It is important to eat properly on a detox, its not about eating less, its about eating the right things. I do a 4 week detox two times a year now as well. When I do it I tend to eat a lot of rice, vegetables, quinoa, millet, chicken and fresh fish.. Start your day with a hot water mixed with honey and lemon to boost your immunity and help detox your intestines.
Good luck with it!
I wouldn't cut out dairy as the risk is that of becoming depleted of Calcium and weaken bones. If you decide to cut out dairy, you must supplement calcium in alternative ways: lean vegetable protein which contains good levels of calcium such as pulses; try using almond milk or oatly milk too. Acne problems can also be addressed through a good detox. use more acidophilus (in live yogurt) and plenty of water. Make sure you eat plenty of fibre and drink at least 2.5 litres water a day, so that you empty the large bowel (go to the toilet) daily. up the omega 3 and fish oils (between -4 grams a day - 2 or three capsules) so you keep your bones strong. Hope it helps.
It is a good idea to cut out Dairy from diet.
You need to replace with Coconut Milk and you need supplements
Calcium, Magnesium and multi vitamin to prevent Osteoprosis.
Hi Rebecca,
As a lot of other people have suggested on here what is showing on your skin could be due to problems internally, specifically the gut.
We distribute natural Aloe Vera drinking gels which have an amazing effect on your body by first cleansing the gut of any muck and allowing your intestine to digest the protein and nutrients from your food more efficiently.
Coupled with this, our drinking gels contain over 200 nutrients, proteins, vitamins and enzimes which combined together and taken regularly have a fantastic effect on your immune system and also on your skin, nails and hair.
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Best Regards
It certainly wont hurt to start right away and at the same time take a good look at the ingredients lists of products you are currently using on your skin. Often it can take a number of changes, including lifestyle and skin care routines, to find the ideal solution for your individual skin type.
By gaining the knowledge about what you are eating and applying to your skin can greatly help to recognise and understand where the root causes of the problem could be.
Also it may help to take note of when the flares tend to occur most often. Hormone level changes can have a drastic effect on the skin, often resulting in continual cycles of painful spots and acne flare ups.
If a pattern appears, it may be a good idea to visit your GP for advice on how to safely manage natural hormone changes that occur monthly.
All the best and I hope you find what works best for you very soon. Hx
hi Rebecca. It is perfectly safe - and a very good idea - to eliminate dairy from your diet as it is something that a lot of people are intolerant to and can definitely cause skin issues. Goats milk is fine but avoid soya milk - it can cause more hormonal imbalance. You might want to do a detox or have a colon cleanse to assist your system but the change on its own should definitely make a difference - just go for it! Then make sure to eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and maybe have chia seeds as a supplement to your diet. Eating a totally natural diet will help, check out - http://www.AroundTheTableWithKaren.com - and going one step further to using totally natural skincare would be sensible. It would be worth getting an allergy test done to see if there is anything else causing you problems. Good luck Rebecca, best wishes Karen
The skin is the largest organ in the body and it is the first line of defense against the external environment. The condition of the skin also shows how the condition of the internal of the body such as the digestive system and liver. Your may also have hormonal imbalance such as cortisol. The skin is also semi-permeable which means any products such as make-up, deodorant, shampoos, will be absorbed and excreted by the body. This types of products has a lot of chemicals which is detrimental to the body.
A regular visit to the steam room is a good way to open up the pores of the skin. This will allow the skin to breath and detoxify the body. A good exercise protocol to increase body flow in the body and improve your immune system. Drink good quality water to remove toxin in the body. Ideally in bed between 1030pm - 0630am, this will aid physical and psychological repair in the body.
A good routine in the morning and evening using a good quality (natural products) cleanser for the face and a natural treatment, for example tea tree oil to the spots.
I hope this simple advice will help you..
Although dairy has been linked to acne and goats milk is definitely a better alternative, it may not be the answer to the problem as you need to look at your diet and lifestyle habits to have a clear picture.
Having had skin problems in the past myself, I made skin health one of the areas I now specialise in, so if you need any further or more personalised advice, feel free to get in touch. My website link is below.
Cutting out dairy products from your diet is the right step to see if it is going to help clear your skin. Zinc supplements available in any health shop can help as well. The fact that your spots occur around your face suggest that you may have some problems with your digestive system - a consultation with a relevant specialist would be, therefore, wise to consider. As for the skin care, it is important to do some home work before choosing the right one. You may want to look up some ideas in this article http://www.bodysilk.co.uk/news/2012/what-can-your-acne-tell-you. Good luck!
Definitely Rebecca - most people are intolerant to dairy - cow's milk - and it shouldn't be in most diets. Substitute with goat's milk, nut milk or rice or oat. NOT soya milk as it will cretae more of a hormonal imbalance in your body showing in your skin. The symptoms you describe sound like imbalanced hormones to me, without even looking at you or your profile. (I could do this remotely on a computer bioresonance system I work with if it interests you.) http://www.holisticfamilyhealth.co.uk
or http://www.core-balance.co.uk
I would also look very carefully at what I was putting onto my skin as well - very often personal care products can be very toxic and can cause these issues. http://holisticfamilyhealth.ineways.eu - some excellent alternatives. Do call if you think I can help...blessings, Bonni 0777569 2947
dairy is often linked to acne and other skin problems. Generally the condition of the skin on the outside reflects the health of the skin on the inside (intestinal lining).
Cutting dairy is the first step towards working on digestion and elimination to improve digestive health. Dairy can be a problem not just because it is rich in estrogen but also because many people find it impossible to digest and it ends up irritating the gut and creating a toxic load.
In the first instance it is best to eliminate all types of dairy and to substitute with rice or almond milk. Soya is not a great alternative if hormonal balance is delicate. It is perfectly safe not to eat dairy especially if other sources of calcium are consumed such as fish.
For skin health and bone health vitamin D3 is far more important than the calcium that may be got from dairy.
Cleansing and detoxification is remarkably effective/supportive for skin health and acne in particular. It will help with hormonal detoxification as well as digestive health and elimination which, if compromised, can aggravate skin conditions.
Consider a detox retreat or a course of colonic hydrotherapy treatments


Thank you, so do you think I need to detox and cleanse before cutting out the dairy or is it possible to just start it, say tomorrow?
No you don't need to do anything before avoiding dairy. Avoiding dairy is already cleansing and detoxifying especially if you have a problem with dairy and you eat a lot (cheese, milk yogurt, ice cream, milk chocolate etc). You can safely start avoiding dairy as soon as tomorrow and improve your diet in general.at the same time by avoiding sugar and refined carbs
I would seek the advice of a dietician/qualified nutritional expert before eliminating all dairy products from your diet. I also don't think that there is any medical evidence that dairy is linked to acne, or that the condition of the skin reflects the condition of the bowel lining, as stated by 'cleansing for life'. If there is, with histological proof, then I would be very interested to hear about it.
Dr O'Neill
Suffolk Medical Clinic