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Question: Which type of foundation makes you look younger - loose mineral powder or a liquid foundation?

Asked by isabellewahanda

6 answers

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Hi there. I'd normally advise liquid to clients that ask this same question as they tend to give the skin a more dewy, youthful appearance, and don't emphasise fine lines or wrinkles like some powders can. HOWEVER, saying that we stock Inika mineral makeup and the powder is BY FAR our biggest seller, and looks absolutely amazing on acne skin to seriously aging skin! So with the correct loose mineral powder, there can be great results. Just watch out for Bismuth Oxide which is used as a cheap filler in some mineral powders. Hope that helps!

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We use Jane Iredale mineral make up in our salon and we find that their Liquid Minerals foundation gives the skin a noticeable lift as well as making it appear plumped so we tend to use this on more mature skins. A touch of PurePressed or Amazing Base (loose) mineral powder on the top will create a more matt effect if you prefer. Hope this is helpful. Logo on to to join our contact list and like our Facebook page to ask us questions directly and to get great competitions and offers :)


From my experience using various mineral makeup brands, it really depends on the individual their age, skin type and testing out to see what looks and feels good on their skin. For more mature clients with a dry skin type, a liquid mineral foundation is more hydrating and provides an illuminating effect as it fills in and plumps up any lines/wrinkles, therefore making them look younger. Whereas for younger clients with an oiler skin, some loose mineral foundations act as a treatment as they can actually improve the skin long-term and enhance and create radiance which also makes them look better and more flawless.
With so many mineral brands on the market aim for a good quality mineral makeup brand - I agree with Ta-Or's answer re: 'bismuth oxychloride' - this is a cheap filler used in some mineral makeup and cosmetics brands which can irritate the skin especially for women with rosacea, acne or particularly sensitive skin. It's advisable to read the ingredients label so you know what's in it.


I find that it depends on the brand and what the skin condition is like.Bare Minerals(100% minerals) are fantastic on any skin,and looks very radiant especially if applied in very fine layers.Used with a mineral radiance (blended together )it gives excellant light reflecting properties which enhances any skin.However if the skin is ultra dry then the Fluid make-up from Youngblood(minerals from the deep sea) feels ultra smooth and looks very dewy.This can also be mixed with a radiance from either range.As with any foundation spending a bit of extra time really blending in, really is worth it.



Hi Isabelle, I find that mineral foundation in loose form rather than liquid gives a more youthful finish on women who are getting older, reason being that it doesn't settle into the lines in the same way as liquid foundation does. If you apply just the one coat it looks like you aren't wearing any makeup at all, it is so natural on the skin. When the moisture evaporates from liquid makeup it can leave the pigment behind on the skin clinging to drier areas, but loose minerals looks even better 30 mins later than when you first applied it. It is amazing stuff. I have used various brands, and even though Bare Minerals contains bismuth it is still a top product, loved by women all over the world, and is readily available in large stores around the country. Google it and see the feedback it gets. It can produce a flawless finish just as well on older skin as well as young skin, that's why it is one of the most popular brands around, hard to beat. You can get a free trial at a counter somewhere and see if you like it.


Hi, it's all deepens on what type skin you have. If you have dry skin then luminous finish give sheen & don’t show any lines and I wouldn't recommend mineral powder because it dries the skin. If you have oily combination skin you can use liquid matt foundation or mineral powder foundation especially Mary Kay minerals are amazing.
Also I will recommend highly using the foundation primer underneath liquid or mineral to prepare your skin before the foundation. If you need more information contact

I hope that helps!

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