I have natural red hair and want to enhance the colour without doing anything permanent - any ideas?

Help! I don't know anything about hair colouring - what is best for red hair?
Asked by Gina13

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Hi Try a temporary colour , boots, superdrug all do them. remember as long as you dont mix 2 products together its temporary. If it says it lasts 6 weeks check its not permanant ( ie; no mixing )
good luck hope this helps
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hi gina.
Noticed one of the answeres said about using henna, please stay away from henna on hair as this can cause more damage than good.
At Solo we use a Prizms Plus which is a hypershine conditioning colour gloss this will brighten your natural hair an bring the tones out.
We also do a Vero K-pac Colouring Glaze which will do the same job as the Prizms Plus.
Note: when mixing any two bottles together it will be a permanent colour not a semi, if the instructions are to mix stay away as this will not be a semi permanent colour
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I have been using Red henna for years, true henna smells like hay, It depends like anything eles where you buy from, if you would like some info on how henna, gives fantastic colour, movement and shine Gina please do get in contact.
Finest regards Merri Medical Herbalist & henna expert.
Hello Gina,
My advice would be to look into having something semi-perminant, as a wella salon we use two products to enhance colour without using permant colour so it wont damage your hair.
Colour fresh - Colour revitalizer, will make hair look vibrant and shiny without putting chemicals onto the hair.
Colour touch - Semi- perminant colour, which will gradually fade out your hair so you wont get a regrowth, this product will give you an amazing longer lasting vibrant colour.
I would recomment you to go into a salon for a complimentary consultation so that a colour technician can see what product would give you the best results.
To book a complimentary consultation with one of our colour specialists please call the recpetion team on 020 7112 2205
Good Luck
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There are many colour enhancing products you can just buy in boots or superdrug...
There are coloured mouses, shampoo and conditioners, toners, henna if you can find it or temporary wash in wash out colours.
be careful with the colours if they say the last any longer the about 5-8 washes they are NOT semi permanent.
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