I have reddish brown hair & my natural colour is blonde. How do I get back? How much would it cost?

Asked by Shannonelsie

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Hi Shannon,
My advice would be to have your hair cleansed to lift out as much colour as possible, you may need to have highlights put in it to try and get lighter peices through it. you need to start to grow the colour out.
As for cost it depends on looking at the hair to know how long it would take to establish what time is needed to cleanse your hair.
You will also need to put a treatment on your hair after as it will need the moisture put back into it, and you may find you need the ends trimmed sooner than usual as they will feel more porous than usual.
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Good luck
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hi..you could put on a gentle cleanser just to open up the cuticles and allow the colour to lighten easier..then a full head of blonde foils using a low peroxide..then a good toner and an extreme conditioning package!! a good trim afterwards should help you keep your lovely hair shine.
to cleanse..£15...to foil...£40-50...to tone...£10....to condition...£5.00...to cut and finish...£33.00..
we offer discounts to first timers. hope this helps..call 01622 890296 for further advice.x
Hi there!
I would start with a full head of highlights and do it gradually to keep your hair in good condition! You will need a toner on it too to even out the colour. I wouldn't take long for you to be blonde again. I could get you there in 2-3 sets of highlights easily. The first lo would be £65 for a full head and £7 for the toner. Call or text me if you are interested, 07966498828. My name is Fiona :).
Ps I strongly advise not to have it stripped, I would only do this I your hair was black or there was too much colour build up. It's better for your hair not to!
I hope this helps!
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