Is wearing makeup every day bad for your skin?

Asked by Judy-J

1 answer

Hi Judy
Its not wearing the make-up thats bad for your skin, its not getting it off proparly! if you are using a decent cleanser at the end of the day and removing it proparly, there will be no harm done to your skin at all.
Sleeping in your make-up is a BIG no no! as this is the prime time for your skin to be repairing itself from damage throughout the day (e.g environmental factors such as sun exposure and wind) you really dont want your make-up to be interefering with this process. and as you know, we produce sweat and sebum in our sleep- so if we had make-up on through this time it would clog our pores and contribute towards spots.
Hope this helps
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Search Treatwell for Makeup near you

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