Can laser treatment get rid of milia and acne spots?

Suffered with acne for 40 years
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Laser can help temporarily improve your condition, however, it will have a superficial (aesthetic) effect. You may want to consider Obagi treatment, which will have a medical effect. To be able to use the right version of Obagi, you would have to have a consultation with an Obagi specialist. We have a few doctors and consultants in our clinic who could help if you are interested. For more details please call 02072835800.
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milia production and acne come from a block or build up of bacteria to the skin, you need to see a beautician first to see how treatable the acne is. Milia removal is very simple and is not as painful as it sounds. There is a number of reason why you may be getting milia. This can occur near the eye area or anywhere that there is a bit of open pores. Firstly make sure you are removing your eye make up with non oily products, then make sure the eye cream or moisturiser you use is not too rich for your skin-question your beauty regime as this can prevent you from reoccurring milia. Finally Diet, if you notice young babies often get little milia around the eye area and from experience it can be a lack of vitamins.
i would recommend a good eye cream with antioxidants and vitamin base such as Environ, they also do a fantastic range for acne skin sebuwash is amazing all our acne prone clients wouldn't use anything else.
We can advise and help you change your beauty regime to treat most forms of acne. if you would like a consultation please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team.
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We certainly can get rid of both Milia and Acne spots. The Milia is usually removed by the Nurse with a small needle and is very quick and virtually pain free. The treatment of Acne can be treated in a number of ways. We would need to see you really to assess you and so offer free consultations. Please call to arrange an appointment 01892 535 577
Hi Lindalee
Suffering from acne is very frustrating and I understand as I was a sufferer in my early twenties.
As a qualified Therapist and Aesthetician, I would always recommend if you haven't done so already to speak with your GP.
IPL is good for Acne as it has a anti-bacterial effect but supporting this treatment with a good home regime is vital. I would always recommend the Dermaquest Therapeutic range.
With regards to Milia, you would need to consult with a clinic that offers advanced electrolysis as this is the only procedure that really can remove stubborn Milia.
I hope this helps. I will happy to give further advice if you need it.
Megan @ Clear Complexions
I agree with below however your Gp should be your first port of call. They can assess the severity of your acne, the cause and give you general dermatological advise. A good Gp will be able to outline your various treatment options (both NHS and private) and will be able to start you on some medicines to try if that is the route you want to go down. There are several effective NHS treatment options for those with acne. If you have tried the above or exhausted all medical options then the best thing to do would be to see a Dermatologist or a GP with a special interest in dermatology (not a beauty therapist). They can advise you further and advise you on the suitability of treatments such as IPL for active acne, Obagi prescription only skin care etc etc. Acne is often under treated and there is a risk of scarring with acne so see your Gp as soon as you can.
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I would not recommend laser use, as acne should be investigated in terms of underlying causes thoroughly prior adopting any such treatments.
hi dear
First of all you should be seen by a beautician or skin therapist or dermatologist before any advice. Be sure you find a good one because is not a simple treatment you need for your skin condition and you might need to see him/ her regular, may be once on month. Good luck!