Does anyone know any good hot rollers?

I've got long thick hair and was wondering if these:
are a good investment, or does anyone know any good ones ?
Asked by Yoshike

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Heated rollers will give you loads of volume & bouncy curls that last. You need to prep your first apply a thermal protector, then rough dry in your chosen styling product (mousse/volumiser) when it is near dry apply some more styling agent & dry completely. Put in in your rollers once the rollers are at there hottest. You must make sure you let the rollers completely cool before removing. I would hair spray your hair, lightly, whilst the rollers are in & when you remove them. Before brushing your hair allow the hairspray to set. If you hair is long & thick I wouldn't brush it i would simply separate your curls with your fingers. Good luck it just take a little practice.
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Aha thats brilliant advice, I nevermanaged to keep my curls for longer than 2hours.
Does it matter how hot the rollers get ? Can you recommend a product?
Thanks so much already.
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