why have pain when you get waxed ? when you can have less pain when you get sugard?

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Because sugar is a 98 F degree paste that will never burn you. Sugar is water soluable and washes off does not rip the healthy skin cells from the body and is natural and more gentle and sugar requires we remove the hair in the direction of the bulb. not in the opposite direction as wax. See http://www.mensbodygrooming.com and go to sugar vs. wax
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Sugaring has the exact same results as the new craze Brazilian honey waxing. But sugaring originates in Egypt, this is where I trained.
Now you can remove all body & facial hair effectively & with minimal discomfort. Its 100% natural (its edible), gentle & lasts twice as long as waxing!! 
Sugaring is a pure all-natural hair removal method. Its considered the oldest & still the best method for hair removal & effective for all hair textures. It is often compared to waxing because both are sticky but that’s where the comparison ends. 
If you have sensitive skin then sugaring is the best choice. The sugar paste only adheres to your hair & pulls them out by the root without sticking to the skin causing no irritation .
It is a less painful, hypo-allergenic method of hair removal. Re-growth is slow so this method of hair removal can last up to 6 weeks, which is comparable to how long laser treatment lasts & so makes it a good hair removal alternative. It is safe for the entire body & face. 
With regular treatments the hairs become sparse, softer & lighter in colour, therefore less noticeable between treatments. Frequent sugaring can also cause the hair follicle to shrink which permanently stops the growing hair. 
Sugaring also works as a body exfoliant which greatly adds to the smooth, soft after affect clearly enjoyed by clients. 
Experience has shown that the anticipation is often worse than the process itself. 
Now you can remove all body & facial hair effectively & with minimal discomfort. 100% natural, gentle & lasts for weeks. 
You have no excuse from here on out . . . 
So . . . . 
When will you discover body sugaring? 
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Hi there Sean
Waxing, if done correctly is no more uncomfortable than sugaring. Much of the same methods are employed for both treatments. Using High quality wax is a must, as is using a barrier such as jasmine oil or talc - this ensurs that the wax sticks to the hair and not the skin! Above all, the technique has to be excellent - a good stretch on the skin when applying the wx, and an equally good stretch when removing the wax.
The other important factor is to keep up with your waxing - don't go beyond the six week gap, as in this time, the hair will have gone through the whole growth cycle again, and will have regained its full strength - you next waxing will then by ike your first! Have your waxing treatment beween every 4-6 weeks, and you will notice a more comfortable experience with your subsequent waxes.
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