Wondering if anyone knows about treatments for severe blushing/rash when stressed/nervous?

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I used to suffer from blushing in certain situations like public speaking and I had 2 sessions of NLP which has massively helped me. Dont get me wrong I will never enjoy public speaking and will always feel nervous before hand but now I dont blush and i am abit calmer. Google NLP and your area to find someone. I paid £80 per session. Good Luck!
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I would say this reaction is due to inflammation and needs to be addressed by using calming, anti-inflammatory products.
Keeping a food diary can help you identify foods that worsen it, - this will most likely be spicy foods, or ones you may have an intolerance to (yeast?gluten?) which you can then avoid. - I know this can be difficult, but once you learn what makes it worse you can steer clear of it at least for a few weeks prior to your wedding!
Hormonal changes may also play a part in this - does it play up worse prior your period, during your period? - Maybe a check with your GP would be worth checking your contraception pill etc if applicable.
Using abrasive products and cloths will aggrivate further and you need to stay away from anything harsh or strongly chemical. smooth lightweight products applied with light pressure and removed gently with cotton wool are the best ones to seek. - Even your water could be contributing to the problem!
You mentioned it flows down your back and neck, so it may be a case of addressing your hair care you use in the shower - no sodium laurel (or laureth) sulphate content. - no more expensive, and available from the usual boots etc. General rule is clear shampoo rather than pearly or creamy - but just check ingredients.
It really is a case of trying one thing at a time, and seeing what helps, or not. There are so many factors that play a part in the way your skin behaves, feels and looks. You can then identify what changes have a posative effect.
I hope this combined with other comments will help you achieve youe dream complexion - it is within your reach.
Firstly have you seen your GP about this?
Are you generally fit and well?
Some medical conditions can cause facial redness / facial rashes, such as Acne Rosacea / Couperose and Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).
Lupus would be making you feel achey, run down, joint pains, muscle pain etc.....and often goes un-diagnosed.
A revolutionary treatment product by leading American cosmeceutical skincare producer, Skinmedica, called Redness Relief CalmPlex ,will give you some welcome relief from this uncomfortable and embarrassing issue.
It does not mask or just disguise the facial redness. It's unique combination of ingredients treat the cause of the redness at it's inflammatory base - by modulating the inflammatory prostaglandins responsible for the flare ups.
Used twice daily as your usual moisturiser you will begin to see considerable improvements within 4 weeks with ongoing improvements.
CalmPlex can be used to reduce facial redness of any sort from frequent blushers, clients with facial thread veins, skiers sunburn, recovery from sunburn, even unwanted "farmers tan" or strap marks if you've caught the sun and want to fade it quickly!
I also recommend Medik8 Red Alert range too. They produce a soap and detergent free facial wash for sensitive skin that is prone to redness. The serum is excellent - it's soothing, cooling and calming and physically reduces facial redness.
Skinceuticals produce Phyto Corrective Gel which instantly soothes and calms irritated reddened skin - it's especially useful for spot prone reddened skin as it contains anti bacterial properties to sanitise the skin (great after any naughty spot or blackhead squeezing!)
(Skinmedica is only available from specialist skin care clinics where medical, nursing or advanced skincare therapists are on the premises).
To read more about these products please seen the link below
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The condition that you are describing is rosacea. You may need to seek medical advice for oral or topical prescriptions that help with supressing the symptoms. There is no actual cure for rosacea to date. You may also want to try to figure out just what triggers your symptoms: foods, skin care products, beverages, environmental factors, stress, etc. In the meantime, you might try make-up cover to camoflauge the appearance of the condition.
My cousin use to be crippled by this when she was younger now it doesnt affect her at all, I wish i knew how old you are? she puts it down to growing in confidence, but to help you at this time the green tint concealer to disguise the fact that you are going red is your best solution.
And i bet it bothers you more than it does any one else so what you go red and blotchy in places. try not to be so concerned and cast your care if you can? if it literly makes you feel hot and bothered inside go and see your docter.
Hope you sort this out, check out the link below ;-)


I'm 36 and have been like this from the age of 18. It's quite difficult not to be bothered by this as everyone comments on it, therefore making it worse. The facial blushing I can cope with, but I get a horrible blotchy rash on my neck, chest and recently found out my upper back. I tend to suffer when I am hot, nervous, excited, have an alcoholic drink, eat something spicy!! I am getting married next year and really don't want to be worrying about this horrible blotchiness!! Reagrding the Botox idea, that is something I am looking into, just the cost may be a major factor!!
You can actually undergo a form of botox therapy for this. Have a look at this webpage, it gives you a whole host of information.
a soothing facial mist would work well. Try Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner.
Hello i know how you feel i suffer from this time to time you feel your self getting hot and you blush over the smallest of things. You should go and have a chat with your gp about it. What i used to use is clarins temperature control face cream and a green concealer under foundation.
But always get medical advice if your concerned. hope this helps good luck.
Regards u-beauty