I want to turn mousy/ash brown-higlights in a month but have dark brown hair do i need bleaching ?

10 months ago i had dyed my hair to dark brown with a 24 wash semi dye over highlighted hair but turned near to black then gradually faded but now has left me with different shades reddish/brown which i hate.
I will be going holiday next month and want to turn mousy brown/ dark ash blonde with balayage. I have been to several salons and have been told it needs bleaching which terrified me..
How long would the proccess take and would i get the colour i want within a month?
I need serious help!:(
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There are a few different ways to get mousey brown hair. Its very hard to give an exact answer as we do not know what your hair is exactly like at the moment. If your hair needs lightening up a lot then yes you will need to use bleach. Bleach is not a bad product if it is used in the right way. If you want to stay around the same shade but take away the red tones it is possible to not use bleach. Feel free to call our salon to speak to a colour specialist about getting the colour you desire.
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a low percentage of peroxide was used on the strand tests and results came out as light brassy colour which was toned with ash which i was happy with:) but the best way around without the damage was using the foil method ..
I will call soon :)
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