how do i stop my eyeliner from leaving marks on my eyelids

I have tried primers, used waterproof eyeliners, khol, pencil and liquid but in a couple of hours it smudges -- i have to keep wiping the lines and marks!
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Eyeliner that leaves 'marks' on your skin is worrisome? I would be curious as to what eyeliner you are using? The eyeliners that I am familiar with only leave marks (or lines) where you place them. If you are refering to 'bleeding' of the liner, then I would suggest that you apply translucent powder on the lid before and maybe after applying the liner.
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There could be a couple of reasons, either the eyeliner product you are using is too oily, or the skin itself is oily. I suggest first and easiest, applying a nice coat of powder on the entire lid prior to the applicaiton. While you may need occassional touchups during the day this should tell you if this is the source of the problem. Otherwise it is definitely the product itself. My favorite means of eyeliner application is after lining the eye, to go over that line with the same color of eye shadow using a small liner brush. If you don't have that you can try transparent powder on a Qtip or miniQ. This always helps the liner last much longer as well as not move. What product are you using? you may need to switch!! good luck!


Hi Rasheel, plenty of good suggestions for you here..and I would second Ruthlm's comment to use powder over liner. Personally I like to use a specialist cake eye liner like the one from Ben Nye.. bit tricky todo to begin with but really lasts. Alternatively you could consider semipermanent makeup which can last for a couple of days or permanent make-up which is basically pigment injected like a tattoo but obviously much finer in style! If you do look at this option make sure you choose someone properly qualified who can show you pictures of their rpevious clients work - both before and afters. Best of luck!
If you've used a primer before, make sure it was the correct one for your skin type - otherwise it might be worth revisiting this. The response regarding using an eyeshadow over is a good tip, or you could just try using an eyeshadow instead of a liner but applying it with a damp brush. Gel liners may be another option for you - i've found them good in the past for staying put, particularly the clinique one.


thankyou for the advice-- although i have used gel the bobby brown one and found the same problem-- although i may try the clinque one
You could try applying a base of mineral powder foundation on eyelid and then mix a powder liner shadow with 'weather everything' waterproof setting gel(by Bare Minerals) and put a final brush of the mineral liner powder on top.This usually does the trick!
Hi, a great trick is to use you prefered liner, and then with an angle brush, set it in pace with black shadow ( if you are usingblack linet of course ) like setting a liquid foundation with powder similar idea, hope this helps x


Thank you-- i shall try this and hopefullu fingers crossed it works
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