Hair colour correction!

My hair is currently dyed black but would like a rich chocolate colour - my hairdresser just keeps making it darker each time I go and its not want I want. Apart from finding a new hairdresser can this be corrected without causing damage to my hair.
Asked by Tulip1974

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Always get it done professionally I mean you can use toners at home but for full correction, professional is the only way.
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Hi There, We can gradually lighten your hair without the least amount of damage possible, another option is to take some of the dark pigmentation away by using a special product that basically just strips the hair of the tint and then we can proceed to put a lighter colour on top. Of course i can be specific if i see your hair, so feel free to contact us or pop to the salon at any time!
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option one, try to lighten it gradually with tint, which will take four to six months depending on your hair length and the desired lightness
option two, leave the colour as it is and do some lowlights.
option three, strip the colour with bleach for the perfect result, but this is the most abrasive out of the three.
ALWAYS use professionals to do the above