hi i want my hair colour changed to blonde and brown but my hair colour is a bit dark can u help me

Asked by tara1985

4 answers

yes i can do that, it will take some time to get perfect blonde.
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Hi Tara
I would reccomend that you book an appointment for a consultation with one of our Managers or Senior Stylists who would be able to create a colour change for you!
Is your hair naturally the colour it is now or is it coloured? Either way I would not try to do it yourself as going from a dark or mid brown to blonde can throw off all types of warmth. If it is natural and you really do want to do it yourself I would always go for an ash blonde. This will knock out some of the warmth you will get when lifting brown hair.
If it is currently coloured I would definately not advise doing it yourself as the colour you end up with will be uneven.
Hi- we would recommend that all colouring services be carried out by a salon professional. At Capricorn our prfoessional colourist will be able to create your colour using Inoa- the latest innovation in colour by L'Oreal. If you wish to contact us you can call us on 01273 502052 or visit our website.