anyone know how to diagnose/ treat Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOS)?

I've heard this is the cause of adult acne in some women.
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PCO can be the cause of adult acne in some women but generally it is associated with other symtoms such as facial hair and cramps. It is also connected to insulin in-sensitivity and responds well to dietary changes to correct this particular syndrom. It is commonly associated with abdominal fat
There are many other causes for acne some of them hormonal but not necessarily linked to PCO. Only a medical test will confirm this diagnosis.
A wholistic approach is the best approach to managing PCO and acne which includes blood sugar management and cleansing/detoxification with herbal and nutritional supplements. Traditional Chinese Medicine can also be helpful in supporting the process especialy if it is affecting fertility.
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I am a GP with a speciaist interest in PCOS and would be delighted to arrange a hormonal profile and TV ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis if you so wish?
The causes of PCOS are not completely understood. It can be diagnosed based on physical signs and symptoms. Blood test, a vaginal ultrasound and a pelvic exam are often used to confirm the diagnosis. You would need to first visit your doctor who will perform a physical exam.
Hi Isabella. I'm a GP aswell as a cosmetic physician. PCOS needs to be diagnosed by a doctor with an ultrasound aswell as certain clinical criteria fulfilled. The acne will respond well to hormonal treatment if you're taking it for other issues too. If you only want to treat the acne, there are many options. Feel free to contact me on for more information.
Dr Kim Thomas
I had this in the past, hormone problem, my doctor treated me with hormone medicine.
Every person has differents problem, go to see your GP he will diagnose you and prescribe the right treatment for you, only your GP can do that.


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I would advise you to seek medical advise from your GP - they can carry out a number of tests to determine if you have PCOS and to what level. Adult acne is very common and there are several reasons for this sudden change in your skin and or hormones - Laser treatment is very effective at controlling the acne and stopping the number of breakouts.


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PCOS can be diagnosed through Ultrasound,Hormonal testing and clinical examination.Homeopathic individualized treatment is safe for PCOS.
Diagnosis should really be carried out by your GP/Consultant as it doesn't just affect skin,and needs a clinical assessment.Once clearly diagnosed medical and other treatments can be considered.Diet is often important,and can really help with reducing some of the symptoms,and if acne(which is sometimes a result of this condition) is a problem seeing a therapist with experience in treating this will help.Generally a multi-disciplined approach works well,by treating the individual rather than the condition,as symptoms and severity varies considerably.
However,mature-onset acne is not just caused by PCOS,there are also other reasons to consider.
If you have PCOS there are also support groups in many areas and these may be worth looking out for.
Yes, it is very treatable through clinical kinesiology. Contact me on
I have helped many ladies with this condition
hello .I have it .I have been to the doctors few times and the say you can get it taken out but it will just grow back.I would see your G.P and talk to them and they can advise you on further more action :)