Do clients know the difference between soak off gel nails, hard gel nails & acrylic nails??

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Every client is different and some are alot more informed than others. I have had clients who thought that the product on their nails could be soaked off in acetone and then after soaking, realised that this was not the case. It is a shame that there is still such poor communication between many nail technicians and their clientele, so clients should never be afraid to ask these things!
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I agree every client is different, here in the UK, there is a popular brand Calgel that is a soak off and is advertised as such, so clients may know about a perticular brand, but it's really up to the technician to let the client know. I think a lot of clients are not aware that gel is acrylic based..and acrylic nails ( or L&P ) Liquid and powder, of ourse is acrylic also is no better that gel, it's basically just two different ways of polymerisation ( the process of something turning solid ) A lot of clients have said to me that gel is beter for your nails, but they are the same, gel isn't as durable as L&P, so it's just a lifestyle decition as to what product to use.