Is there a way to get your acrylic nail off without damaging your own nails?

Asked by Dilly

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Hi Dilly - the safest way to remove your acrylics at home is to soak cotton wool in acetone the size of each nail and wrap with baking foil for a least 20 mins. After 20 mins the acrylic should have melted to a rubbery consistency. You should then be able to roll the product off with your fingers. After repeating this process you can use a white block or a very light nail file and buff the rest of the residue away. If you are very good at this you should be able to leave a very thin coat of acrylic on your nail plate to provide a little bit of strength to your natural nail. If all else fails, please call me on 07940 389 340 and I'll talk you through the process again.
Good luck
Dawn FD
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Apply cuticle oil onto the skin around your fingers. Pour some acetone into a bow/cup/dish made of anything other than plastic! (sold in the chemist and in some nail salons) and leave your nails in there for about 30 mins.
After about 30 mins the acrylic will go sort of gooey and you can scrape it off with a manicure stick.
If this sounds too much, then go to a professional salon that will remove them properly as I have described and get yourself a lovely manicure at the same time :)
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Gina x
If you soak your nails in acetone, the acrylic should slowly disolve into a gelly like substance, wiping it off gently after every few minutes helps, the whole process takes around 20-30 mins, if you are able to sit the bowl with acetone in it into hot water to warm it slightly this will speed up the process. Buff the nails once fully removed, file into shape and treat with cuticle oil, and your nails should be fine. You might find if the nails have been bashed when on that there may be a bit of trauma to the nail, but that;s nothing to do with the removal...hope that helps x