What things do you do to keep yourself happy?

Happiness researchers have found a few core things that cause people to be happy such as contributing to society and spending time with people you care about. What keeps you upbeat?
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Practising gratitude is something I've done (on and off!) for many years. Whilst I once thought the idea was 'corny', I've experienced the benefits. Research has shown that it can increase happiness levels by 25%. Additionally, I love to spend time in nature, walk and let my creative side be expressed, and use positive affirmations regularly to keep my mindset one focussed on the good things in life.


@DebraCarter I've found gratitude and focusing on the present is very helpful too. How do you do it consistently? I find I "forget" and always need to remind myself.
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Freud would say Love and Work. And indeed, finding meaning in these two major areas of life brings about a great deal of contentment. Now the difficulty lies in the fact that many times we limit or even sabotage ourselves, or some aspects of ourselves stop us from developing in full. Working through these often unconscious issues can result in a great sense of freedom in life, and so happiness would come as a consequence.
Taking time for myself works wonders. I turn off the telephone, shut down the computer and surround myself with quiet for an hour...and couldn't be happier.
I love spending time with friends and family. Good company always keeps me happy! I also think its always important to look on the bright side of life, push negativity aside as life goes on!
Mindfullness is a great happiness trigger, like taking moments to actually absorb what you're seeing and feeling, rather than just looking at things in a sleepwalking, surface level.
It's appreciating the colour of the sky or the flecks of gold in someones eyes. Happiness is not necessarily constant grinning or laughing or jumping in the air, it can also be a feeling of deep fulfilment and satisfaction that comes from living from the heart and soul.
Watching people 'get' what massage is really all about. A lot of people think it is an excuse just to lie down for an hour and perhaps fit in a wee snooze but then as time goes on they start to realise it is essentially a way of keeping healthy and HAPPY and a surefire way of staying away from the doctors surgery and the medicine cabinet. Go on smile - you use a lot less muscles power that way and create a lot more HAPPY people
Always being the true essence of who I am, I do this by giving gratitude for all the things I have in life and those that I have yet to receive.
I always remember that happiness comes from within me not from anything external to myself.
I only do what I am passionate about, and I serve others as I would serve myself.
The tools I use as an Holistic therapist and Life Coach are positive thoughts even when things are negative I look for the positive and also look at how the "issue" best serves me and how I am able to grow from that point and then apply gratitude and know that I am truly blessed, I do aromatherapy massage every day with my clients so I am always getting those benefits as well, and I use Australian Bush Flower Essences and crystals to further enhance the above results.
I also meditate and facilitate the spiritual awakening of others.
I send healing energies to various things every day.
I connect with nature and listen to relaxing music.
In my "human mode" I ride fast motorbikes and scuba dive but not both at the same time!
It is also said that happiness is a journey not a destination, but I find that if you are at one with your true essence then in there is where you will find the experience of happiness along with many other beautiful energies such as peace, harmony, balance, serenity etc.
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Thank you for asking a great question - may your happiness shine brightly from your inner goddess - you are a beautiful person.
Angels Blessings always and forever.
Hi. Happiness can sometimes be difficult to obtain. Being a life coach has taught me to focus on positive things, and there is always a positive aspect to every situation. Try and analyze the reasons why your feeling unhappy, then focus on changing them. If you want to talk more, i can be reached via my website. http://www.lifecoachandcounselling.co.uk
Practising and teaching yoga makes me happy. Also gratitude every day, time for relaxation, spending time in nature and taking photos and paint pictures. Also spending time with ilkeminded people. And eating a Raw Food diet makes you feel light and energetic which dramatically lifts your mood.
In my experience as a counsellor & therapist, there is too much emphasis in our society to becoming happy in. Very often people don't know when they would be happy enough or what it is that would make them happy.
I spend as much time as possible noticing what is happening now instead of thinking about the past or concentrating on and rehearsing the future. Our lives are happening in the present, we can become more content if we are present in our lives..
I dont listen to the negativity that tries to enter my mind :-)
I definitely agree that spending time with other people keeps me happy. So does light exercise such as going for a walk, and getting plenty of sunshine.
outdoor, fresh air activities are very beneficial especially sharing these with someone close; swimming is another good wat to stay upbeat as is learning & playing a musical instrument. If none of these succeed try meditation before resorting to or combining with therapy is my advice...
Hello, what a great question. I recently wrote an article just on this topic called "top tips to de-stress and feel GREAT" . Click the link below to have a read. Anne


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Hello, what a great question. I am a Life-Coach, Reiki Master and Stress-Management Consultant. I recently wrote an article just on this topic called "top tips to de-stress and feel GREAT" and it was published by Barefoot Buddha. Click the link to have a read. Anne
Homeopathy keeps me happy - hence why I called my business Happy Homeopathy! Once I started homeopathic treatment the healing journey has been incredible, so amazing in fact that I decided to study homeopathy myself. I just can't imagine my life now without homeopathy, it's more than just a career, it's a new way of life :)