Are there any electrolysis deals out there?

I have tried IPL and it doesnt seem to work on the finer fuzzy hairs even though they are dark. Is electrolysis a better option and are there any deals?
Asked by db307

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The Sun Spa
We have a great deal in Oxfordshire area
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Applisonix Ultrasound Hair Removal is a new clinically proven method of hair removal. Unlike Electroysis, it's non invasive so there's no risk of scarring and it's pain free. Unlike other hair reduction treatments treatments, it's suitable for all hair and skin colours (IPL & Laser work better on dark hair & light skin). I have Applisonix at my salon in Aberdeen There's a link on there for more information on this treatment. Hope that helps, Paula x
Electrolysis is the only permanent method of hair removal and works on any kind of hair, however fine hair is healthy and helps for a healthier skin. We would need you to come for a consultation before we could tell you if would be able to treat you.
We use Apilus Platinum computerised epilators to give us the biggest number of options for treatments and the most comfortable experience for the client. We do offer special deals for 10 plus sessions depending on the treatment needed.
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Applisonix Ultrasound Hair Removal is pretty new, but it's a non-invasive treatment which works on all all hair & skin colours