can it be used ton remove hairs on the shaft of a penis?Peter

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Peter, all male intimate waxing treatments are much better using non strip waxes rather than strip waxes. The non strip wax offers a comfortable less painful waxing experience.I only use Perron Rigot non strip waxes for all my male intimate waxing treatments and give all my clients a free tube of moisturising cream, suitable for the skin after a waxing treatment as part of their aftercare.
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What is even better Peter and less painful is ipl laser. I specialise in this treatment and it is permanent unlike waxing. I am doing a free patch test and consultation until April 30th worth £70 so why not take advantage of it. 6 treatments is the average you need until its rid permanently. O more messy creams or painful wax ever again!!
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At the Nail & Beauty Place we have a therapist that is specifically trained to do male intimate waxing. Most salons or therapists are not trained in this field specifically. Hot wax is used for this area and is effective and quite gentle in comparison to regular 'strip waxing'. All areas of the body may be waxed with the correct wax for safety. We are in Sheldon, Birmingham- the Solihull border and can offer this treatment for our male clients and do so regularly.
It can be used to remove any hair , anywhere ears,nostrils, butt crack, penis etc but it must be done with the correct wax due to the nature of the skin in the intimate area. You also need someone trained to do male waxing not just someone having a go. You'll also find out of the London area not many therapists do male intimate waxing. Looking for one then go to most male waxers are listed there all over the country.