How do i complain about poorly done acrylic nails?

My local nail salon have left me with extremely sore fingers, three of which i cannot move due to the excess glue, and the others are of a very poor finish. When speaking to the manager he began to shout and became abusive, saying they would only reshape if i wanted them removing i would have to pay extra. How do i go about launching a formal complaint against this salon, and also have my poor nails repaired!!
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Am I correct in presuming that this establishment was one where they are using products that have been banned in the U.S and Australia? A few years ago, Nail magazine wrote an article to all ethical nail techs. We were advised that apparantly U.K laws prevent the authorities from going into these poorly run places unless people make a complaint to their local authority. They were encouraging any client that had received bad/painful service, to contact their local councils environmental health department and explain that they had suffered discomfort/pain. This is (as per the article) the only way a governing body can enter the premises and do something about it. When people are being cut and blood is drawn, they go onto the next client using the same implements. This goes on for weeks and months so you can imagine the likelihood of the spreading of disease. I always advise my clients that have had a bad experience to inform the local council. They then have the evidence to enter such vile places and inspect what the heck is going on in there. The service they usually offer is shocking. Mostly they cannot even speak English and why anyone would want to receive a service that could permanently affect their nails/health is quite beyond me. People wouldn't have their hair done if it was painful!!!!! They prey on the fact that they offer a cheap service. I cannot understand why clients are happy to part with their money to be cut to shreds, have sore nails and fingers for months and have their nails filed away to oblivion. I have seen a client with a 'hole' in her nail bed. I could actually see flesh. I have had to 'correct' so many clients nails and am proud to say that after just one session using proper products and using the skill I have trained to acquire, have produced some great improvement and very happy clients. I am tired of filing off this garbage from clients' nails from these salons! WE MUST MAKE IT OUR JOB TO EDUCATE OUR CLIENTS BY TELLING THEM TO COMPLAIN TO THEIR LOCAL AUTHORITY. Or we will all be out of a job because these unethical, unhygienic, money grabbing people are quickly ruining all of our reputations. And I for one, would like to continue my hygienic, ethical nail work.


I agree with the point you made about educating clients, my hard sinks when I see people who want this muck removed from their nails
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All Nail Techs should appriciate feedback, you shouldnt be afraid to let the tech know what could be done better, as this helps them imporve. You should contact the salon let them know what your unhappy about and give them a chance to correct the problem x


I had my nails done by a nail who rents a room from a hairdressers, i wanted acrylics with the tips painted, instead of putting a whole acrylic nail on she literally just put it on the tip, anyway i came outside and saw the job was terrible, i mailed her and she was really nice about it, but is now just ignoring me, now 2 of my nails have fallen off within 24 hours, what can i do??
Go to the trading standards they can check up on them !!!!


I want to report a local nail salon who also do false eyelashes. the girl who put my eyelashes on had just finished putting minx on someones toes, she then proceeded to do my eylashes WITHOUT WASHING HER HANDS. I was nearly sick each time she put hands near my face i could smell a horrible dirty smell of dirt and stale cigs. Errrr. Is there anyone i can report it to. It's discusting she should of used antibacterial gel to sterilze her hands after touching someone elses feet. They sould'nt be able to get away with it.
please send details of the salon you attended and the cost of your treatment or find us on facebook miss evo.
im sorry you had such a terrible experience.
a fully qualified nail techician would have gone that extra just to make sure you are satisfied with your treatment
Hi. I have to agree with what everyone is saying. I had a client come to me after going to one of these nail bars and one of her nails was lifting with the acrylic. These nail bars use drills on the natural nail which should not be done. This will make your nails very sore. If you don't want to have plain nails try gelac this will not harm you own nails. I hope you will have a more pleasant treatment next time.
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Hi i suguest you can talk to the owner or the manager about your problem, and they should deal with your complaint , but if they not taken you seriously you can try to talk to the advice bureau.
I would contact trading standards?? Not that they may be able to do much, but if you get your nails removed and gIVE THEM A REST dont get any others put on as you will do further damage. After a couple of weeks maybe try Shellac. x Helps nail growth x hope this helps also try Nail envy by opi xxx
Take pictures and report the nail salon to trading standards.
Unfortunately in the UK a number of these 'nail bars' have popped up in every town. They often have untrained staff, illegal products and poor hygiene practices.
It is a constant battle for us well trained techs who end up removing and repairing their work. Many clients like yourself have been hurt by such ‘nail techs’ and it is frustrating for us to see because there is no way of you knowing.
Unfortunately you may have to put this one down to experience as there are no regulations here yet but in future please check the salon you visit is a reputable one. A reputable salon or tech will not hesitate to show you they have insurance certificates and their qualifications and many will display them on the wall. Remember if you can’t communicate your needs with you tech they probably won’t give you what you want!
i would try talking to trading standards as they would deal with formal complaints I would have thought, I think for the repairing you are going to have to get them re done and pay for them, make sure you take pictures of them before you have them taken off for evidence
Hi, I'm afraid I have to agree with Polished!
I would seek out a local Salon and have the extensions removed. Revue the damage and start again once you have ascertained that the Salo/nail Bar only uses quality products(i.e non MMA) and that the person who will be doing your nails is suitably qualified.
In my Salon I ensure the clients are very happy when they leave and can't wait to come back for all the right reasons! I am fully Qualified and Trained and only use quality CND Nail Products. Don't let a bad experience put you off! there are many talented individuals out there who do an amazing job! Good Luck Lynda
Not sure how you would make a formal complaint but definately dont let them touch your nails again.
I'm assuming this was a 'nail bar', where they wore face masks, used drills, were very quick and cheap.
Any decent nail tech wouldn't have let you leave without you being happy with the job and would have rectified any problem with no fuss at all.
It pays to shop around, not for price but for service and skill.