I am doing a wax beginners course, will I be able to practice on clients and charge after this?

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As long as your course is accredited, you pass and obtain insurance, yes. Hope that helps and good luck with your course! Hayley @ Urban Beauty
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as long as you have insurance and have qualified then you will be able to charge - hope that helps
HI every time I have been learning a new Therapy I have asked my clients to be guinea pigs or case studies and told them that I cannot charge but if they would like to make a donation towards the costs it would be appreciated most people do.... I have a money box with donations written on it its amazing how it mounts up and the nice thing is they can put in what they can afford it encourages people to come bk when you are qualified and if that is the case I give them a discount for helping me gain my qualification and experience hope this helps xxx
Hello Honey,
You course is a beginners course so I doubt it is accredited...
You can start practicing once you achieve a level 2 qualification or above...
The thing is with waxing, it takes technique so get as much practical experience as you can working on different people of different ethnic backgrounds, with different hair types...
Build up your technique & confidence & youll be ready to roll...
Also, do as many professional training courses as possible like the Perron Rigot Discovery day etc...
This will refine your skill & technique...
Happy Waxing.x
-Check course is acredited by main body of beauty insurers etc habia, babtac, beauty gold.. to name a few.
-If student insurance already purchased, check with them if they will cover the course.
-Personally I used to always charge at most half the average amount to contribute towards costs when studying- there is nothing wrong with this if the client is aware and happy to pay;
-Produce clear consultation forms to clients for signing with waivers on that explain you are a student
-After passing, upgrade the insurance to qualified- send copy of your certificate (this can take at least a week to come through) to your insurance providers
-After properly insuring yourself you can charge full price if your comfortable, but sometimes you may feel better offering discounts to look like you don't come cheap but are offering a good promotion at the time.
-Remember to still have good consultation/ waiver forms in the extremely and unfortunate event of anything going wrong.
Good luck!
If the course is accredited then you need to find out if it is a 1 day course or an amount of days before you gain certification. I've trained a lady today for a 1 day accredited course in basic waxing and she picked it up straight away- I know because I made her wax me as the test!! If I felt that she wasn't ready to walk away then I would arrange a second date to reassess her after practising without charging her extra-it's my name on the certificate so they have to be capable of carrying out the treatment once I give it to them.
You can get students insurance if you have no cover. Otherwise once you have the certificate you are deemed ready to carry out the treatments.
I wouldn't advertise the fact that you are a new waxer - too many horror stories out there - nor put out a discounted menu - who decides when you're ready to swap to full price and you'll find that you'll have a big drop in the cheapy waxes.
Your trainer should be able to assess your abilities and advise how much practice would be good before going live! Also I would quietly ask friends and family to allow you to practice on them. Signing a consent form to say you are a practising student doesn't stop anyone suing you - that's what your insurance is for.
Hope that helped anyway. If you need anything else-especially waxing queries (that's my speciality subject!!)
Good luck with your course!
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/as long as the course is accredited and you can obtain the insurance prior to undertaking treatments on paying clients then there will be no problem. One idea if you are unsure is to contact an insurance company and tell them the type of certificate you will gain at the end of your training and they can let you know whether you would be fully covered or not. If you find out that the course is not accredited, possibly ask the training provider whether there is a further course which will be accredited that you could undertake, hopefully it will not involve too much more training.
If you need any more help, just let me know.
Wish you well with your future.
Hi, as the other therapists have mentioned, you should be able to practice on your clients not to charge while you are a student. Once you have passed and have the appropriate insurance etc., you can then go ahead and charge, it's nice to give a good discount when you first start waxing while you are picking up speed and gaining confidence. When you feel completely relaxed and confident, you could then charge the full price of your treatments, good luck, and it does help always to give an introductory price when you first start a treatment,as clients can also pick up on your 'newness', I hope that makes sense and good luck.
Hi Vickie
I hope you enjoy your course, some great answers already and I would also suggest that once you have passed and if it is an accredited course that you offer a reduced rate waxing for your first few clients until you are up to speed. You can always practice on yourself too.
You can obtain student insurance and should really have this set up, as you can still be sued as a student. Otherwise you can insist that people sign a disclaimer that they are a model and will not sue you if something goes wrong.
You should be able to practice on your clients but you shouldnt charge them for it whilst you a practising as if it goes wrong you will be liable to be sued where as if they are having it for free they cant sue you.
Once you have passed your waxing and you are confident in waxing of course you can charge.