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Ayurvedic massage in North London, London

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We've found 14 venues
  • Waterlily Beauty Clinic

    Stoke Newington, London Stoke Newington, London Show Map
    1,325 reviews (1325)
    Located on Stoke Newington Road, Waterlily Beauty Clinic offer a blend of indulgent beauty treatments and progressive aesthetic services. A five minute walk from Dalston Kingsland station, they provide a professional experience to give you healthier, radiant looking skin. Their contemporary interior houses a wealth of different areas, with a vibrant nail bar giving way to their relaxing and secluded therapy rooms. Immaculately presented, they offer an exclusive space for all your aesthetic needs, giving you the freedom to enjoy your treatment in complete privacy. Their vast menu includes everything from therapeutic massages to non-surgical face lifts, performed by an expert team who focus on ensuring you have a comfortable, confident and revitalising experience.
    1 service at £50.00
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  • London Centre of Indian Champissage

    Holloway, London Holloway, London Show Map
    471 reviews (471)
    Based a short walk from Caledonian Road station, London Centre of Indian Champissage provides a unique, holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Promoting the benefits of ayurvedic and Indian massage techniques, they blend modern practises with a traditional twist. Their warm and welcome interior calms you as you enter, creating an environment ideal for all your relaxation needs. A team of highly trained, friendly therapists deliver natural, effective treatments that target specific areas that are designed to improve your vitality. The brainchild of founder Narendra Mehta, Champissage combines traditional Indian champi head massages with a contemporary holistic approach to create an invigorating and rejuvenating pamper experience.
    4 services from £50.00
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  • OXY Therapy at Canonbury Natural Health Clinic

    Islington, London Islington, London Show Map
    99 reviews (99)
    Based on Islington’s ever popular Upper Street, OXY Therapy at Canonbury Natural Health Clinic provide a comprehensive experience designed to improve your health, well-being and fitness. Specialising in massage, nutrition and weight loss, OXY offer a range of services to enhance your vitality. Treatments are split between their two specialist experts, each with a focus on a different aspect meaning regardless of what service you have, you are guaranteed to be in safe hands. Their philosophy is simple, visualise what you want, believe in it and you will attract everything you desire.
    1 service at £45.00
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    Ayurvedic Body Massage 30 mins - 1 hr 30 mins Save up to 33% from £45
  • Natural Beauty Urban Retreat

    North Finchley, London North Finchley, London Show Map
    385 reviews (385)
    Natural Beauty Urban Retreat is a sustainable, local and independent salon in North Finchley. They’ve selected organic and responsibly sourced products from Decleor, Neal’s Yard, SpaRitual, Vita Liberata and Outback Organics for use in their wide-ranging beauty services. Always putting your care and confidence first, they focus on your natural beauty in a clean, cosy space with some lovely and well-integrated decorative features. There’s a relaxing ambience here with calm music playing and friendly, professional staff.
    1 service at £50.00
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  • Down to Earth

    Kentish Town, London Kentish Town, London Show Map
    6 reviews (6)
    Down to Earth offers a wide variety of Yoga styles, Pilates and Treatments in a beautifully designed studio in NW5 – close to the borders of NW3, N6, N7 and N19 -perfect for Tufnell Park, Kentish Town, Dartmouth Park, Highgate, Gospel Oak, Archway, with Hampstead nearby. We’re proud of our selection of London’s very best teachers and therapists, experienced experts in their fields. Down to Earth also stocks great gifts – a beautiful range of organic cosmetics and curated design items including lights, candles, blankets, air planters etc. We also stock healthy refreshments – raw breakfast, granolas, snacks and a selection of healthy drinks.
    1 service at £65.00
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  • Aesthetic Secrets Home Salon (Ladies Only) at Otley Court

    Southgate, London Southgate, London Show Map
    66 reviews (66)
    Aesthetic Secrets is a home salon situated in north London not far from New Southgate train station and just off colney hatch lane.
    1 service at £30.00
  • Natural You - Therapies for Harmony and Balance   Off-peak
    This venue offers discounts on off-peak appointments.

    Cockfosters, London Cockfosters, London Show Map
    7 reviews (7)   Off-peak
    This venue offers discounts on off-peak appointments.
    Natural You offers a range of traditional Indian massages and classical homeopathy. I trained with the pioneer of Indian Head Massage and the Natural Face Lift Massage. Iam am a registered and insured homeopath of over ten years. Typically my clients are busy parents, professionals, and anyone who understands and prefers complementary therapies. My clients seek relief for stress, tension, anxiety, chronic health problems or just want pamper sessions. With the Ayurvedic massage, your treatment includes high quality oils. My treatment room is based in a very quiet and tranquil location. After a treatment you are encouraged to have some quiet time to yourself before heading out. An homeopathy consultation is 90mins. You get two months treatment with the first consultation and remedies are included in the cost. Massage and Homeopathy are offered in Cockfosters, near Trent Park, and the venue is easily accessible from Barnet, Potters Bar, Enfield and Winchmore Hill. Once you've booked, I will send you an email with venue details.
    4 services from £21.25
    Ayurvedic Detox (Udvartana) 30 mins Save up to 15% from £25.50
    Abhyanga Ayurvedic Body Massage 1 hr - 1 hr 15 mins Save up to 15% from £46.75
    Ayurvedic Foot Massage (Padabhyanga) 30 mins Save up to 15% from £21.25
    Pinda Sweda 1 hr - 1 hr 15 mins Save up to 15% from £51
  • Gaya Holistic Centre East Finchley

    East Finchley, London East Finchley, London Show Map
    8 reviews (8)
    Gaya Holistic Centre is a lovely and cozy treatment room inside Yogalogy Yoga Studio. Very well localized near East Finchley tube station in the main road. Sabrina is the main therapist responsible for a range of treatments including Ayurvedic, Deep tissue, Swedish and pregnancy massage. More about Sabrina and her treatments: Sabrina Thompson is a psychologist member of the British Psychological Society habilitated to work with the Hypnobirthing method for pain relieve in labor and birth. She is a doula and a certified Ayurvedic therapist recognised by APA (Ayurveda Practitioners Association). She is deeply committed to psychological, physical and spiritual wellness. Sabrina is specialized in Ayurvedic, Deep Tissue, Swedish, pre and postnatal massages and her techniques include: lymphatic drainage, radio frequency, surgery recovery (designed for C- sections or traumatic birth experiences), regain of physical shape after pregnancy or aesthetic surgeries. She has not only served several women as an experienced Birth Companion but also supporting pregnant women since their first stages of pregnancy until the final stages of their recovery.
    1 service at £60.00
    New New
  • Debbie Joy Massage

    Islington, London Islington, London Show Map
    3 reviews (3)
    Hello, I am Debbie, an experienced massage therapist and yoga teacher who has studied extensively in London, Thailand and India in order to offer you the deep healing benefits of ancient traditions tried and tested over centuries, and made relevant for stressful modern lifestyles. Thai Yoga Massage is a unique and powerful massage therapy combining acupressure, stretching and applied yoga. It works on the body's sip sen - ten energy lines - to release blockages restoring health, harmony and balance. Robust, releasing, energising and deeply relaxing. Thai Yoga Massage is carried out through light clothing so please wear leggings/light trousers and a t-shirt. Ayurvedic Yoga Massage combines the bliss of Ayurvdic oil massage with the power of yoga. The therapist's hands and feet are used as tools with the use of feet allowing for deeper pressure. A combination of passive yoga stretches are included to help the mobility of the joints and to release tension in the muscles. Pure organic vegetable oil is used for the massage together with Calamus powder, an Ayurvedic medicinal ingredient, helping to balance the body elements (doshas), improve circulation and release toxins. At the end of the session the receiver feels deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.
    1 service at £70.00
  • Rosie Life: Ayurvedic Yoga Massage at The Factory Gym   Off-peak
    This venue offers discounts on off-peak appointments.

    Archway, London Archway, London Show Map
    5 reviews (5)   Off-peak
    This venue offers discounts on off-peak appointments.
    Rosie Life: Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a massage therapist situated in The Factory and Dance Centre in Archway, London, offering a unique style of massage that combines deep tissue massage with coordinated breath-work and yoga stretching, tailored to fit all your needs. The session is performed on a padded mat for free movement and flow.The deep tissue massage helps to remove knots and adhesions in the muscles, releases tension and prepares the body of the receiver for assisted yoga stretching. These techniques incorporate the use of the hands and feet as tools for massage. The utilisation of the feet allows for deeper and more thorough pressure through long and graceful strokes. This unique comprehensive approach to the body dissolves physical and emotional blocks, helps eliminate toxins, promotes correct posture, improves respiratory patterns, enhances energy levels, and leaves you with a profound sense of wellbeing. FAQs What is Ayurveda? Ayurveda has been practised in India for the last 3,000 years – and Ayurveda’s wisdom has now spread all over the planet; to this day it remains one of the world’s most powerful mind-body-spirit health systems. At the heart of Ayurveda’s priceless teaching is a profound respect for nature and a humble appreciation for the magic of life – Ayurveda helps us see how our health is connected to everyone and everything around us: our family, our work, our society, and our planet. Ayurveda has many life-enhancing benefits. Because it is a holistic way of life, Ayurveda focuses on bringing balance to your physical, mental and spiritual health as you move through the seasons, the different stages of your life, and the changing times of day. What is the origin of this type of massage? This origins of this massage, stem from the above. Where can I find out more about Ayurveda? Google is quite effective for finding out information on anything. I recommend you start here and take the quiz to find out your ‘Dosha’ (which is the ayurvedic term for your individual constitution), it is really insightful. What go you into Ayurvedic Yoga Massage? A few years ago, before I started studying nutrition I went to a yoga retreat, Azul Fit (which is an amazingly magical place and the people there are just wonderful…but I digress). Anyway, at this yoga retreat the in-house nutritionist Jo talked about this philosophy and a lot of things started to fit into place (My dominant dosha is ‘Pitta’). Do you need to be flexible to have this type of massage? No not at all – this type of massage overtime will help with increasing flexibility, but I will tailor the session to fit your needs. What if I have an allergy? No problem, just please let me know. The oil I use is usually organic, cold pressed reassessed oil but this can be amended if necessary. Why do you incorporate DoTerra essential oils into the treatment? These oils are the most amazing plant medicine and can really support the body get back into balance or homeostasis – therefore depending on your dominant constitution (Pitta, Vata or Kapha), I will alter the types of essential oils I use within the massage. What conditions mean I cannot have a massage? There are some contraindication to any massage – some or local (like sun burn or an open wound) that would mean I need to avoid that area whilst some are systemic and would require you to seek medical authorisation first. The full list of contraindications can be found here. What are the benefits of this type of massage compared to others? I have had many massages, but I do not profess to have tried every type of massage out there. However, from my experience this type of massage is much deeper and is more holistic than other massages – you won’t just feel a bit relaxed – you’ll leave the session floating away. What got you into massage? In April 2016 I left my corporate HR job behind and worked in a supplement shop in central London to get some experience of the vast array of supplements on offer, as this would eventually form part of my nutritional recommendation. Under the supplement shop I work in was a complementary therapy centre and it included massage. I would chat to the therapist there and find out about their work. I have never really met anyone before who was making a living from massage and wasn’t just doing it as a side-line hobby. I was interested. Having always loved complementary health and studying to become a naturopath, it made sense as it was in-line with my current studies and it would get me away from a desk/ computer and doing something more practical which I was itching to do. Do you enjoy giving massages? I love it. At times it can be physically demanding but I would take that any day over wilting away behind a desk. Plus I study part-time (which is behind a desk) and massaging my way around London the rest of the time, so it provides a great balance to my life. Are there are side-effects after the massage? You will feel tired and want to sleep after, as the massage works very deeply. Therefore, if you have a big meeting or event to go to, I would advise you to have the treatment after and not directly before as you might not be completely on the ball. I’m self-conscious so not sure if massages are for me? We all have our own little insecurities – whether it’s your belly, bum or legs. Although the massage is full body (legs, arms, back, face, feet and bum, obviously no private parts!!), if you don’t want to massage a particular part of your body that is not a problem at all, just let me know. Also remember, any personal information from the session will be 100% confidential. What training have I had? I started my massage training in the more conventional Sport Massage arena, studying my ITEC Level 3 at St Mary’s University in Twickenham. It was a great experience and the Anatomy and Physiology of massage was fantastic, and an invaluable building block for my Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Course. After this, I trained in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage here. Do I need to have a shower after? I use organic rapeseed oil along with an indian powder called calamus powder. The calamus powder can be brushed off after (if you’re heading straight back to work for example). The oil with stay on your skin, some people like to leave this on overnight to let it soak it, although some people prefer a shower straight after.
    2 services from £55.25
    Ayurvedic Yoga Massage 1 hr Save up to 15% from £55.25
    Ayurvedic Yoga Massage 1 hr 30 mins Save up to 15% from £76.50
  • Healing Sparsh Ayurveda and Holistic Health at East Finchley

    East Finchley, London East Finchley, London Show Map
    7 reviews (7)
    Maintenance of health, prevention and cure of diseases and longevity of life are the three major elements required for the realization of totality of life. Healing Sparsh is aimed at providing totality of life through pure Ayurveda. Sparsh is the Sanskrit term for TOUCH. Ayurvedic therapies, massages and Ayurvedic herbs and supplements of Dr. Alex (Ayurveda) can help you de-stress, revitalize and rejuvenate. Dr. Alex is a qualified Ayurvedic doctor from Kerala, India who has studied and practised Ayurveda for a decade.
    5 services from £45.00
  • Jag Lysander Reeves Massage and Healing

    Finchley, London Finchley, London Show Map
    7 reviews (7)
    I specialise in helping people to identify and resolve their physical and psychological tensions. I do this through massage therapy and bodywork, along with various forms of energy healing and counselling - all with the aim of helping you through the many difficulties of life and guiding you to a place of more freedom, peace, health and well-being. Sessions are based in Finchley, North London though I also offer phone and Skype consultations too Modern life can often be demanding and stressful. How we respond to, and deal with, challenge and change is fundamental. However, we often need the help of others to attain and maintain balance in our lives, no one can do it all by themselves, and helping each other is one of the joys of being human. But ultimately it is down to each one of us to look after ourselves as best as we can, and to seek the help we need. I clear limitations from the people I work with, helping to make them clearer and lighter. In all senses. Within the space of the session, I offer balance, harmony and grace. In a physical sense this means the reduction of muscular tension, pain, injury, stiffness, fatigue and restriction. That is, a restoration of the body to a more easeful, open and harmonious state. In an emotional and psychological sense, this means a reduction in stress, anxiety, worry, depression and the need for addictive props. That is, a homecoming of happiness, peace, gratitude and clarity. In a spiritual sense this means increased awareness of oneself and a dissolving of the fears that prevent an opening into our full potential and who we really are.
    1 service at £70.00
  • Channel Healing

    Palmers Green, London Palmers Green, London Show Map
    No reviews
    Hi, Michaela here and I am the founder of Channel Healing. From the comfort of your home you can now enjoy my services . In search of That elusive missing piece of the puzzle that you need in your present life situation in order to feel good, balanced, calm, content and happy? Channel Healing's purpose is to help you find those missing pieces of the puzzle. The Healing Tools I am using as a Holistic Therapist are both for physical and energetic bodies. Each session it is design uniquely just for You, depending of your present needs of the body and soul. . Through conscious and skilled use of therapeutic modalities to benefit your general physical well-being as well as working on a subtle and emotional level thus helping you feel more relaxed, able to sleep better, aiding in the relief of pain and tension in the body. It is my purpose to work towards enhancing well-being by rebalancing the connections between Mind-Body-Soul and to also help you connect and heal your Soul. My contribution is to re-connect with the wisdom of your body and be the messenger of your Soul. When the Soul is healed, the body is healed. Treatment that will be a combination of Holistic Massage, Reiki or Reconnective Healing, Karuna Reiki, Reflexology. I usually recommend for those more down to earth to start with body work such massage and after all the tension, stress, knots, lactic acid are released from muscles and tissues the Avenue for Energetic Work is created and we can go further for more deep healing work.The Healing is taking place only on a Relaxed Body and Calm Mind that means OPENNESS for the Divine to operate. You will be than TRANSFORMED
    2 services from £60.00
  • QEI+ London Beauty

    Holloway, London Holloway, London Show Map
    No reviews
    QEI+ London Beauty is a Salon in Holloway, London. QEI+ London offers professional beauty services and specialises in waxing, facials along with massage and nail care.
    1 service at £65.00

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