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This was my first experience of being waxed. I had looked at a few different waxing places online beforehand and I definitely made the right choice. The therapist was friendly and professional, and the treatment room was nice and relaxing. I would highly recommend The Treatment Den!
5 years ago
This was my first visit to The Treatment Den and first microdermabrasion treatment but I will definitely be visiting again. The Treatment Den is a beautiful and calm enviornment - a perfect setting to escape for an hour! Matt put me completeley at ease about the treatment as he explained beforehand each stage of the treatment and exactly what would happen. The treatment lasted an hour as was every bit of a relaxing treat as any spa facials I have had previously and because I knew what to expect, I felt I was able to just lie back in the heated bed and enjoy. The results were instant - my skin looked younger and had a lovely fresh glow. With a course of treatment think skin would be flawless but even as a one off, it lifts and brightens complextion. Matt supplied me with complimentary SPF moisturiser to use the following morning and an aftercare guide when I left. At work this morning, I've had positive comments from colleagues on how good my skin looks - thanks Matt!
5 years ago
As a massage therapist myself i need to take some time out for me , however finding a good quality massage therapist can be hard. Matt is definatley is a high quality professional. you can tell he is passionate about his business thinking of ways to give you a top experience. I really did totally switch off and i will returning . highly recommend.
5 years ago
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I really enjoyed this. I don't have my nails done often but it's my nieces wedding so I have to make an effort. Except Matt made it easy and smooth. He left me plenty of time to choose the colour I wanted with out influencing or pushing . We had a nice chat while Matt was making my scruffy gardening & DIY nails look pretty explaining why he was doing each stage and with very good instruction on how to keep my hands looking good. The next treat I intend having is a massage or facial.
5 years ago
I suffer from back pain and after a while it became so intolerable that I decided I should have a massage to see if that helped. I visited The Treatment Den and not only did the massage really help and rid me of back pain, Mat also gave some simple suggestions on how I could about my daily activities to prevent the back pain in future. Before starting he quizzed me thoroughly about the pain and what had caused it and how long I had had it – this enabled him to give a better massage and better advice. The massage itself was very professional and very relaxing – I almost fell asleep at one point! The treatment room itself is wonderful, thoroughly modern and very comfortable. All in all a great experience. The massage was not only value for money, the advice Mat gave me has really helped and prevented my problem recurring. I would certainly recommend Mat for anyone suffering with back pain.
5 years ago
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The Treatment Den
157 Tettenhall Road

A private spa experience in Wolverhampton. We offer a range of treatments including massage, waxing, intimate waxing (male and female) and CND Shellac. The treatment space is designed to be somewhere really quite special - not just somewhere to go just for a waxing, but a space to enjoy time in whatever treatment you have. Everyone who has seen it says that there is something about it ... when you walk in it just makes you feel relaxed and calm. I've chosen things you wouldn't normally expect to find in a Salon environment, for example the photo's on the walls I took when visiting Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the handmade light floor lamp from a London based designer, the reclaimed teak table and the vintage light bulbs. Waxing is something we are particularly passionate about, you shouldn’t feel on a production line in and out. We take our time giving you the best treatment, and use warm and “hot” non-strip waxes from the world’s leading manufacturers. We have been invited to speak and run demonstrations at the UK’s largest professional only trade shows, and run regular training courses for therapists in waxing. So you can be assured you are getting some of the best treatments available.

We carry a great range of retail products to compliment all our treatments, such as Eve Taylor Advanced Skin Therapy products, Outback Organics Post Wax Spray and Lotions, and CND SolarOil.

We have also recently started stocking the amazing Vinylux Weekly Nail Polish from CND. If you think ordinary nail polish isn't for you, then call us to try out Vinylux! Bone dry in just 8 1/2 minutes and incredibly durable!

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