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I had been suffering from what my GP called IBS for over a year, tried many different medications and home cures, when a friend told me about Sue Philip who had really helped a colleague at her office. Sue was friendly and professional, and using her food intolerance machine identified that I had an intolerance to tomatoes and garlic, two of my favourite foods. Since I have removed these from my diet my symptoms have all but vanished! Since then I have been back to Sue when my hair started thinning - she identified that I was deficient in zinc and vitamin B12. Now taking supplements and am confident she will have me sorted once again. Excellent service, highly recommended.
2 years ago


Sue Philip - Nutritionist & Wellness Consultant
Mill Hill

Sue Philip is a nutritionist and wellness consultant Specialising in Allergy and Food Intollerance based in Mill Hill, London.

Cert Ed. Food & Nutrition Home Economics and ITEC Diet & Nutrition.

Food Intolerance & Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Testing

Sometimes a small change in your diet can alleviate on going symptoms or help you lose or gain weight!

Unable to lose weight, unable to gain weight, bloated, gas, tired, lethargic, headaches, aches and pains, constipation, diarrhoea and just not feeling right? Some people find that the doctor cannot get to the root of their problem, or you are prescribed medication to suppress the symptoms, well sometimes it can be just a small change in your diet that will alleviate the symptoms.

Your Consultation will consist of:

  • Taking an in depth history of your eating habits and life style
  • A Food Intolerance Test which is non-invasive and painless and tests for over 100 foods and additives.
  • Discussing an eating plan incorporating alternative foods options to substitute those you may be removing from your diet
  • Recipes, cooking ideas , and eating out choices.

Total treatment time: 2 - 2 ½ hours.

Vitamin & Mineral Deficiency Testing : 1 hour £40

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