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I've been going to Rhian's classes for over a year now and after every single class, I feel like I've had the most thorough full-body workout. Before I started classes with SkyeDownes Foundation I had tried several zumba classes and I had never been happy with any of them. Sometimes I felt the instructors made up the moves on the spot, sometimes I felt that I was only working my arms and legs and not my core and other times I barely sweated in an hours class. In Rhian's classes, it's completely different - I get a full body workout; working every single part of body, all the classes are structured and organised and I'm dripping in sweat within 10 minutes. If you want a really fun zumba class where you see results within a few weeks, you really do need to try out her classes. I've not recently tried out the Boxercise classes and I have one word - WOW! p.s. I'm not a person who generally writes reviews but SkyeDownes' classes are genuinely the best classes I've been too and I really would encourage everyone to try them out :)
5 years ago


SkyeDownes Foundation
London Road

Skye Downes Fitness is operated under Skye Downes Foundation LTD.

It is an; *IDTA Dance Academy - Take children from 3 years old to Adult.

To provide everyone an opportunity to learn to dance, take part in fitness and improve their well being.

" Getting everyone fitter one person at a time

‎#SkyedownesFitness 12 week challenge starts from 7th January 2013.

12 weeks to see if you have what it takes! Comprises of 3 *2hr sessions a week for 12 weeks. Our star champion lost over 3 stones in weight and 19 inches of her entire body.

We get results! So no ifs or buts!

So don't say it can't happen for you! With hard work and determination any and everything is possible. Question is are you ready for the challenge??!
Special 3 month packages available for first time clients. 

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We offer everything from:

Personal training

Group Sessions 

Zumba® Programs 

Wedding First Dances 

Bride-to-be personal training

Bridal party - personal training

Street dance for adults and kids

Talent Management . . . 

Plus a lot more too much to write here. If there is something you don't see drop us a message at with your query in the heading and one of the team will get back to you.

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